Song of Songs 2

  1 H2261 I am the rose H8289 of Sharon H7799 , and the lily H6010 of the valleys.
  2 H7799 As the lily H2336 among thorns H7474 , so is my love H1323 among the daughters.
  3 H8598 As the apple tree H6086 among the trees H3293 of the wood H1730 , so is my beloved H1121 among the sons H3427 [H8804] . I sat H6738 down under his shadow H2530 [H8765] with great delight H6529 , and his fruit H4966 was sweet H2441 to my taste.
  4 H935 [H8689] He brought H3196 me to the banqueting H1004 house H1714 , and his banner H160 over me was love.
  5 H5564 [H8761] Sustain H809 me with flagons H7502 [H8761] , comfort H8598 me with apples H2470 [H8802] : for I am sick H160 with love.
  6 H8040 His left hand H7218 is under my head H3225 , and his right hand H2263 [H8762] doth embrace me.
  7 H7650 [H8689] I charge H1323 you, O ye daughters H3389 of Jerusalem H6643 , by the roes H176 , and H355 by the hinds H7704 of the field H5782 [H8686] , that ye stir not H5782 [H8787] , nor awake H160 my love H2654 [H8799] , till he please.
  8 H6963 The voice H1730 of my beloved H935 [H8802] ! behold, he cometh H1801 [H8764] leaping H2022 upon the mountains H7092 [H8764] , skipping H1389 upon the hills.
  9 H1730 My beloved H1819 [H8802] is like H6643 a roe H6082 or a young H354 hart H5975 [H8802] : behold, he standeth H310 behind H3796 our wall H7688 [H8688] , he looketh forth H2474 at the windows H6692 [H8688] , gazing H2762 himself through the lattice.
  10 H1730 My beloved H6030 [H8804] spoke H559 [H8804] , and said H6965 [H8798] to me, Rise H7474 , my love H3303 , my fair one H3212 [H8798] , and come away.
  11 H5638 For, lo, the winter H5674 [H8804] is past H1653 , the rain H2498 [H8804] is over H1980 [H8804] and gone;
  12 H5339 The flowers H7200 [H8738] appear H776 on the earth H6256 ; the time H2158 of the singing H5060 [H8689] of birds is come H6963 , and the voice H8449 of the turtledove H8085 [H8738] is heard H776 in our land;
  13 H8384 The fig tree H2590 [H8804] putteth forth H6291 her green figs H1612 , and the vines H5563 with the tender grape H5414 [H8804] give H7381 forth their fragrance H6965 [H8798] . Arise H7474 , my love H3303 , my fair one H3212 [H8798] , and come away.
  14 H3123 O my dove H2288 , that art in the clefts H5553 of the rock H5643 , in the secret H4095 places of the stairs H7200 [H8685] , let me see H4758 thy countenance H8085 [H8685] , let me hear H6963 thy voice H6156 ; for sweet H6963 is thy voice H4758 , and thy countenance H5000 is comely.
  15 H270 [H8798] Take H7776 for us the foxes H6996 , the little H7776 foxes H2254 [H8764] , that spoil H3754 the vines H3754 : for our vines H5563 have tender grapes.
  16 H1730 My beloved H7462 [H8802] is mine, and I am his: he feedeth H7799 among the lilies.
  17 H3117 Until the day H6315 [H8799] shall break H6752 , and the shadows H5127 [H8804] flee away H5437 [H8798] , turn H1730 , my beloved H1819 [H8798] , and be thou like H6643 a roe H6082 or a young H354 hart H2022 upon the mountains H1336 of Bether.