H8449 תּר תּור - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

תּר תּור
tôr tôr
tore, tore
Probably the same as H8447; a ring dove, often (figuratively) as a term of endearment

KJV Usage: (turtle) dove.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions


תּר תּור

1. dove, turtledove
Origin: probably the same as H8447
TWOT: 2500c
Parts of Speech: Noun Feminine

1) dove, turtledove

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14 occurrences of H8449 תּר תּור

Genesis 15:9 and a turtledove,
Leviticus 1:14 of turtledoves,
Leviticus 5:7 turtledoves,
Leviticus 5:11 turtledoves,
Leviticus 12:6 or a turtledove,
Leviticus 12:8 turtledoves,
Leviticus 14:22 turtledoves,
Leviticus 14:30 of the turtledoves,
Leviticus 15:14 turtledoves,
Leviticus 15:29 turtledoves,
Numbers 6:10 turtledoves,
Psalms 74:19 of thy turtledove
Song of Songs 2:12 of the turtledove
Jeremiah 8:7 and the turtledove

Distinct usage

7 turtledoves,
1 and a turtledove,
1 of turtledoves,
1 of the turtledoves,
1 of the turtledove
1 and the turtledove
1 or a turtledove,
1 of thy turtledove

Related words


H8447 תּר תּור tôr tôr

תּר תּור
tôr tôr
tore, tore
From H8446; a succession, that is, a string or (abstractly) order

KJV Usage: border, row, turn.

H8448 תּור tôr
Probably the same as H8447; a manner (as a sort of turn)

KJV Usage: estate.