Song of Songs 2

  1 G1473 I am G438 a flower G3588 of the G3977.1 plain; G2918 a lily G3588 of the G2835.1 valleys.
  2 G5613 As G2918 a lily G1722 in G3319 the midst G173 of thorn-bushes, G3779 thus G3588   G4139 is my dear one G1473   G303.1 in the midst G3588 of the G2364 daughters.
  3 G5613 As G3373.1 an apple G1722 among G3588 the G3586 trees G3588 of the G1409.1 groves, G3779 so G79.1 is my beloved man G1473   G303.1 in the midst G3588 of the G5207 sons. G1722 To be in G3588   G4639 his shadow G1473   G1937 I desired, G2532 and G2523 I sat down, G2532 and G2590 his fruit G1473   G1099 was sweet G1722 in G2995 my throat. G1473  
  4 G1521 Bring G1473 me G1519 into G3624 the house G3588   G3631 of wine! G5021 Order G1909 for G1473 me G26 love!
  5 G4741 Support G1473 me G1722 with G3464 perfumes! G4745.1 Pile G1473 me G1722 with G3373.1 apples, G3756 for G5103.1 [2being pierced G26 3of love G1473 1I am].
  6 G2176 His left hand G1473   G5259 is under G3588   G2776 my head, G1473   G2532 and G3588   G1188 his right hand G1473   G4033.2 will embrace G1473 me.
  7 G3726 I bound you by an oath, G1473   G2364 O daughters G* of Jerusalem, G1722 by G3588 the G1411 powers G2532 and G1722 by G2479 the strengths G3588 of the G68 field, G1437 if you should arise G1453   G2532 and G1825 awaken G3588   G26 love G2193 until G3739 of which time G2309 it should want.
  8 G5456 The voice G79.1 of my beloved man . G1473   G2400 Behold, G3779 thus G2240 he comes G4079.1 springing up G1909 over G3588 the G3735 mountains, G1259.1 leaping G1909 over G3588 the G1015 hills.
  9 G3664 [2is likened G1510.2.3   G79.1 1My beloved man] G1473   G3588 to the G1393 doe G2228 or G3496.2 a fawn G1643.1 of the hinds. G2400 Behold, G3778 he G2476 stands G3694 behind G3588   G5109 our wall, G1473   G3879 leaning over G1223 through G3588 the G2376 windows, G1582.2 looking out G1223 through G3588 the G1350 lattice.
  10 G611 [2responds G79.1 1My beloved man], G1473   G2532 and G3004 he says G1473 to me, G450 Rise up, G2064 come G3588   G4139 my dear one, G1473   G2570 my fair one, G1473   G4058 my dove! G1473  
  11 G3754 For G2400 behold, G3588 the G5494 winter G3928 went by, G3588 the G5205 rain G565 went forth; G4198 it went G1438 to itself.
  12 G3588 The G438 flowers G3708 appeared G1722 in G3588 the G1093 land; G2540 the time G3588   G5113.2 of pruning G5348 arrived; G5456 the voice G3588 of the G5167 turtle-dove G191 was heard G1722 in G3588   G1093 our land; G1473  
  13 G3588 the G4808 fig-tree G1627 brought forth G3653 its immature figs; G1473   G3588 the G288 grapevines G2952.8 blossom, G1325 they gave G3744 a scent. G450 Rise up, G2064 come G3588   G4139 my dear one, G1473   G2570 my fair one, G1473   G4058 my dove, G1473   G2532 yes G2064 come!
  14 G1473 You G4058 are my dove G1473   G1722 in G4629.2 the protection G3588 of the G4073 rock, G2192 being next to G3588 the G4385.1 area around the wall. G1166 Show G1473 to me G3588   G3799 your appearance, G1473   G2532 and G190.9 cause me to hear G1473   G3588   G5456 your voice! G1473   G3754 for G3588   G5456 your voice G1473   G2238.1 is agreeable, G2532 and G3588   G3799 your appearance G1473   G5611 is beautiful.
  15 G4084 Lay hold G1473 for us G258 [2foxes G3397 1 the small], G853 that are obliterating G290 the vineyards; G2532 for G3588   G288 our grapevines G1473   G2952.8 blossom.
  16 G79.1 My beloved man G1473   G1473 is to me, G2504 and I G1473 to him. G3588 He is the G4165 one tending G1722 among G3588 the G2918 lilies,
  17 G2193 until G3739 of which time G1277.2 [3should refresh G3588 1the G2250 2day], G2532 and G2795 [3should move G3588 1the G4639 2shadows] -- G654 return! G3666 You be like, G1473   G79.1 O my beloved man, G1473   G3588 to the G1393.1 buck G2228 or G3496.2 fawn G1643.1 of the hinds G1909 [2upon G3735 3 the mountains G2836.4 1encircling]!