Psalms 19

  1 H8064 The heavens H5608 [H8764] declare H3519 the glory H410 of God; H7549 and the firmament H5046 [H8688] showeth his H4639 H3027 handywork.
  2 H3117 Day H3117 to day H5042 [H8686] uttereth H562 speech, H3915 and night H3915 to night H2331 [H8762] showeth H1847 knowledge.
  3 H562 There is no speech H1697 nor language, H6963 where their voice H8085 [H8738] is not heard.
  4 H6957 Their line H3318 [H8804] hath gone out H776 through all the earth, H4405 and their words H7097 to the end H8398 of the world. H7760 [H8804] In them hath he set H168 a tent H8121 for the sun,
  5 H2860 Which is as a bridegroom H3318 [H8802] coming out H2646 of his chamber, H7797 [H8799] and rejoiceth H1368 as a strong man H7323 [H8800] to run H734 a race.
  6 H4161 His going forth H7097 is from the end H8064 of the heaven, H8622 and his circuit H7098 to its ends: H5641 [H8737] and there is nothing hid H2535 from his heat.
  7 H8451 The law H3068 of the LORD H8549 is perfect, H7725 [H8688] converting H5315 the breath: H5715 the testimony H3068 of the LORD H539 [H8737] is sure, H2449 [H8688] making wise H6612 the simple.
  8 H6490 The precepts H3068 of the LORD H3477 are right, H8055 [H8764] rejoicing H3820 the heart: H4687 the commandment H3068 of the LORD H1249 is pure, H215 [H8688] enlightening H5869 the eyes.
  9 H3374 The fear H3068 of the LORD H2889 is clean, H5975 [H8802] enduring H5703 for ever: H4941 the judgments H3068 of the LORD H571 are true H6663 [H8804] and righteous H3162 altogether.
  10 H2530 [H8737] More to be desired H2091 are they than gold, H7227 yea, than much H6337 fine gold: H4966 sweeter H1706 also than honey H5317 H6688 and the honeycomb.
  11 H5650 Moreover by them is thy servant H2094 [H8737] warned: H8104 [H8800] and in keeping H7227 of them there is great H6118 reward.
  12 H995 [H8799] Who can understand H7691 his errors? H5352 [H8761] cleanse H5641 [H8737] thou me from secret faults.
  13 H2820 [H8798] Keep back H5650 thy servant H2086 also from presumptuous H4910 [H8799] sins; let them not have dominion H8552 [H8799] over me: then shall I be upright, H5352 [H8738] and I shall be innocent H7227 from the great H6588 revolt.
  14 H561 Let the words H6310 of my mouth, H1902 and the meditation H3820 of my heart, H7522 be acceptable H6440 in thy sight, H3068 O LORD, H6697 my rock, H1350 [H8802] and my redeemer.