2 Chronicles 6:29 Cross References - ABP_Strongs

  29 G2532 then G3956 every G4335 prayer, G2532 and G3956 all G1162 supplication, G3739 whichever G1437   G1096 should be G3956 by any G444 man, G2532 and G3956 all G3588   G2992 your people G1473   G* Israel, G1437 if G1097 [2should know G444 1a man] G860 his infection G1473   G2532 and G3588   G3119 his infirmity, G1473   G2532 and G1276.1 should open and spread out G3588   G5495 his hands G1473   G1519 to G3588   G3624 this house; G3778  

2 Chronicles 6:12-13

  12 G2532 And G2476 he stood G1726 before G3588 the G2379 altar G2962 of the lord, G1725 before G3956 all G1577 the assembly G* of Israel, G2532 and G1276.1 he opened and spread out G3588   G5495 his hands. G1473  
  13 G3754 For G4160 Solomon made G*   G939 [2platform G5470 1a brass], G2532 and G5087 he put G1473 it G1722 in G3319 the midst G3588 of the G833 courtyard G3588 of the G2413 temple -- G4002 five G4083 cubits G3588   G3372 was its length, G1473   G2532 and G4002 five G4083 cubits G3588   G2148.1 was its breadth, G1473   G2532 and G5140 three G4083 cubits G3588   G5311 was its height. G1473   G2532 And G2476 he stood G1909 upon G1473 it, G2532 and G2578 he bent G1909 upon G3588   G1119 his knees G1473   G1726 before G3956 all G1577 the assembly G* of Israel, G2532 and G1276.1 he opened and spread out G3588   G5495 his hands G1473   G1519 into G3588 the G3772 heaven.

Psalms 32:2-6

  2 G3107 Blessed be G435 the man G3739 to whom G3766.2 in no way G3049 the lord should impute G2962   G266 sin, G3761 nor G1510.2.3 is G1722 [2in G3588   G4750 3his mouth G1473   G1388 1treachery].
  3 G3754 For G4601 I kept quiet; G3822 [2were grown old G3588   G3747 1my bones] G1473   G575 from G3588   G2896 my crying out G1473   G3650 the entire G3588   G2250 day.
  4 G3754 For G2250 day G2532 and G3571 night G925 [2presses G1909 3upon G1473 4me G3588   G5495 1your hand]. G1473   G4762 I was turned G1519 to G5004 misery G1722 by G3588 the G1704.1 [2sticking G1473 3me G173 1thorn].
  5 G3588   G458 My lawlessness G1473   G1107 I made known, G2532 and G3588   G266 my sin G1473   G3756 I did not G2572 cover. G2036 I said, G1805.1 I will declare openly G2596 against G1473 myself G3588   G458 my lawlessness G1473   G3588 to the G2962 lord . G2532 And G1473 you G863 forgave G3588 the G763 impiety G3588   G2588 of my heart. G1473   G1316.1 PAUSE.
  6 G5228 For G3778 this G4336 [3shall pray G4314 4to G1473 5you G3956 1every G3741 2sacred one] G1722 in G2540 [2time G2111 1a fit]; G4133 only G1722 in G2627 a flood G5204 of waters G4183 many G4314 [3to G1473 4him G3756 1shall not G1448 2approach].

Psalms 33:12-13

  12 G3107 Blessed is G3588 the G1484 nation G3739 of which G1510.2.3 the lord is G2962   G3588   G2316 its God; G1473   G2992 a people G3739 whom G1586 he chose G1519 for G2817 his own inheritance. G1438  
  13 G1537 From out of G3772 heaven G1914 [3looks G3588 1the G2962 2 lord]; G1492 he beholds G3956 all G3588 the G5207 sons G3588   G444 of men.

Psalms 50:15

  15 G2532 And G1941 call upon G1473 me G1722 in G2250 the day G2347 of affliction! G2532 and G1807 I shall rescue G1473 you, G2532 and G1392 you shall glorify G1473 me.

Psalms 91:15

  15 G2896 He shall cry out G4314 to G1473 me, G2532 and G1873 I shall heed G1473 him. G3326 [2with G1473 3him G1510.2.1 1I am] G1722 in G2347 affliction. G1807 I will rescue G1473 him G2532 and G1392 glorify G1473 him.

Psalms 142:1-2

  1 G5456 [2with my voice G1473   G4314 3to G2962 4 the lord G2896 1I cried out]; G5456 [2 with my voice G1473   G4314 3to G2962 4 the lord G1189 1I beseeched].
  2 G1632 I shall pour out G1799 [2before G1473 3him G3588   G1162 1my supplication]; G1473   G3588   G2347 [2my affliction G1473   G1799 3before G1473 4him G518 1I shall report].

Proverbs 14:10

  10 G2588 The heart G435 of a man G145.1 is sensitive G3077.1 [2distress G5590 1of his soul's]; G1473   G3752 but whenever G1161   G2165 he should be glad, G3756 he shall not G1961.1 intermix G5196 insult.

Isaiah 1:15

  15 G3752 Whenever G1614 you should stretch out G3588 your G5495 hands, G654 I shall turn G3588   G3788 my eyes G1473   G575 from G1473 you. G2532 And G1437 if G4129 you should multiply G3588   G1162 your supplication, G3756 I will not G1522 listen to G1473 you, G3588   G1063 for G5495 your hands G1473   G129 [2of blood G4134 1 are full].

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