Numbers 16:46-48

  46 H4872 And Moses H559 [H8799] said H175 to Aaron H3947 [H8798] , Take H4289 a censer H5414 [H8798] , and put H784 fire H6440 in it from off H4196 the altar H7760 [H8798] , and put H7004 on incense H3212 [H8685] , and go H4120 quickly H5712 to the congregation H3722 [H8761] , and make an atonement H7110 for them: for there is wrath H3318 [H8804] gone out H3068 from the LORD H5063 ; the plague H2490 [H8689] is begun.
  47 H175 And Aaron H3947 [H8799] took H4872 as Moses H1696 [H8765] commanded H7323 [H8799] , and ran H8432 into the midst H6951 of the congregation H5063 ; and, behold, the plague H2490 [H8689] was begun H5971 among the people H5414 [H8799] : and he put H7004 on incense H3722 [H8762] , and made an atonement H5971 for the people.
  48 H5975 [H8799] And he stood H4191 [H8801] between the dead H2416 and the living H4046 ; and the plague H6113 [H8735] was stayed.