Numbers 16:46-48

  46 H4872 And Moses H559 said H175 unto Aaron, H3947 Take H4289 a censer, H5414 and put H784 fire H6440 in it from off H4196 the altar, H7760 and put H7004 on incense, H3212 and go H4120 quickly H5712 unto the congregation, H3722 and make an atonement H7110 for them: for there is wrath H3318 gone out H3068 from the Lord; H5063 the plague H2490 is begun.
  47 H175 And Aaron H3947 took H4872 as Moses H1696 commanded, H7323 and ran H8432 into the middle H6951 of the congregation; H5063 and, behold, the plague H2490 was begun H5971 among the people: H5414 and he put H7004 on incense, H3722 and made an atonement H5971 for the people.
  48 H5975 And he stood H4191 between the dead H2416 and the living; H4046 and the plague H6113 was stayed.