JMNT(i) 1 An unveiling of, and which is, Jesus Christ (or: A disclosure from Jesus [the] Anointed; A revelation which pertains to Jesus [the Messiah]) which God gave by Him (in Him; for Him; to Him) to point out to His slaves that which continues necessary to come to be (or: to be birthed) in swiftness (= speedily) [note: this phrase means either the manner in which events will happen, or that it is quickly going to happen]. And sending [Him] as an emissary (or: representative), through means of His agent (or: messenger) He indicated [it] by signs (or: symbols) to (or: in; for) His slave John, 2 who witnessed (or: gives testimony and evidence of) the Word of God (or: God’s Logos; the ideas of and thoughts from God), even the witness (testimony; evidence) pertaining to Jesus Christ (or: the martyrdom of Jesus [the] Anointed) – as many things as he saw (or: as much as he saw [of it]). 3 Happy and blessed is the person constantly reading [it] aloud (or: retrieving knowledge from [it in the midst of an assembly]), and those constantly hearing (or: listening and paying attention to; = observing and obeying) the words of the prophecy (or: the messages contained in the light and understanding seen ahead of time) and habitually keeping watch over (guarding; observing) the things having been written within it, for the situation is close at hand (or: for you see, the season, fertile moment and appointed occasion is near – close enough to touch). 4 John, to the seven called-out communities (congregations; summoned forth assemblies) within Asia: grace and peace to you (or: favor and harmony [= shalom] for and among you) folks from the One continuously existing (or: unceasingly being; Who continuously IS), even the One Who was, and continued being, and the One Who is continuously (or: repeatedly; habitually; progressively) coming or going – even from the Seven Spirits (or: Breath-effects; Attitudes) which [are] in front of His throne – 5 and from Jesus Christ, the faithful Witness (or: reliable Evidence; loyal Martyr), the First-born of (or: pertaining to; from among; or: belonging to) the dead folks: even the Ruler (or: Prince; Leader, Beginner; Originator) of the kings of the earth – by (or: in) the One continuously loving us by loosing [other MSS: washing] us from [other MSS: out of] our failures and deviations (or: sins; errors; situations and results of where we missed the target or fell short of the goal) within His blood (or: in union with the blood which is Him), 6 and made (formed; created; produced) us [to be] a kingdom (or: sovereign reign; [other MSS: constructed of us a kingdom which brings sovereign influence]): priests in (or: by; for; with) His God and Father. In Him [is] the Glory (or: For Him [is] the good reputation; By Him [is] the manifestation of that which calls forth praise; With Him [is] the appearance which affects the opinion of the whole of human experience) and the Strength (or: Might), on into the ages! It is so (Count on it; Amen). 7 Consider (or: Look; Behold)! He is continuously (or: presently; repeatedly; habitually; progressively) coming with the clouds, and every eye will repeatedly see Him, even which ever of you folks pierce (or: pierced) Him. And all the tribes (people-groups) of the Land (or: territory; earth) shall beat themselves (strike their breasts in grief, mourning or repentance) upon (= because of) Him. Yes! It is so (Amen)! [Dan. 7:13; Zech. 12:10, 12, 14] 8I am continuously (or: repeatedly) the Alpha and the Omega, ” says the Lord [= Christ or Yahweh] God, “the One continuously being, even the One Who was and continued being, and the One presently and continuously (or: progressively) coming and going, the Almighty.” (or: The Owner is laying out these thoughts: "I Myself exist being the Alpha and the Omega – the continuously existing God, even the One Who continued existing [as] Being, as well as the One habitually being on the go and repeatedly moving about – the All-Strong.") 9 I, John, your brother and joint-participant (or: sharer of common-being/partnered-existence) within the pressure (squeezing; affliction; tribulation; oppression) and kingdom (or: reign; sovereign rule and activity) and persistent remaining-under (steadfast, humble and supportive endurance), in union with (or: within; [Griesbach and other MSS: of; originating in; pertaining to]) Jesus Christ (= [the] Messiah), 10 was within the island called Patmos because of God’s Word (or: the message which is God) and because of the testimony (witness; evidence) pertaining to and having the characteristics of Jesus Christ. I came to be (or: birthed myself; happened to be) within spirit (or: in union with [the] Spirit; in the midst of a Breath-effect) within the Day which pertains to or has the characteristics of the Lord (the Lord’s Day; = the Day of Yahweh; or, = the Day of Christ; = Christ’s Day), and I heard behind me a great voice (or: = a loud sound), as of a trumpet, saying (or: = like that of a trumpet sounding a command or a message), 11What you are presently observing (or: continue seeing) write into a scroll and send [it] to the seven called-out communities (or: summoned-forth congregations): into Ephesus, and into Smyrna, and into Pergamos, and into Thyatira, and into Sardis, and into Philadelphia, and into Laodicea.” 12 And so I turned upon the Voice, to see who spoke with me. And upon fully turning around, I saw seven golden lampstands, 13 and within the midst of the lampstands, One like a Son of Man (or: a son of mankind; = [the] son of Adam; = like a human being; [or: an eschatological symbol referring to such as in Dan. 7:13 and 10:5-6]), being clothed (or: invested) [with a garment] reaching to the feet; being girded about at the breasts with a golden belt. 14 Now His head and hairs [are] white, as white wool – as snow – and His eyes as a flame of fire, 15 and His feet [are] like white brass (or: bronze; fine copper) as having been set on fire in a furnace, and His Voice [is] as a roar (or: sound; voice) of many [rushing or crashing] waters. [Ezk. 1:24; 43:2] 16 Furthermore, [He is] constantly holding (or: having; possessing) [the] seven stars within His right hand, and a sharp two-mouthed (= double-edged) broadsword is continuously (or: repeatedly) proceeding (issuing forth) from out of His mouth. And His appearance (countenance; sight) continually shines as the sun, in its power. 17 And so when I saw Him, I fell toward His feet, as dead. And He placed His right hand upon me, saying, "Do not be (or: Stop) fearing (Don’t be terrified)! As for Me, I am the First and the Last (or: I Myself continuously exist being the first one as well as the Last One), 18 "even The Living One (or: and now, the One continuously living), I also brought Myself to be (or: birthed Myself) [to be] a dead one (or: I also came by Myself to be dead), and now, Look and consider! I am living on into the ages of the ages (or: the unspecified and indefinite time periods of the eons), and I constantly hold (or: have; possess) the keys of Death and of the Unseen (Greek: hades)." 19 "So then, write the things you see (or: saw), and the things presently existing (or: what they are), as well as which things are progressively about to occur (or: are now impending to be coming into existence) after these things. 20 "The secret of the seven stars which you saw upon My right hand, and the seven golden lampstands: the seven stars are agents of (or: pertaining to; belonging to; having the qualities and characteristics of; or: folks with a message from) the seven called-out communities, and the seven lampstands are the seven communities (or: summoned-forth congregations)."