Coverdale(i) 1 The reuelacion of Iesus Christ, which God gaue vnto him, for to shewe vnto his seruautes thiges which muste shortly come to passe. And he sent and shewed by his angel vnto his seruaunt Ihon 2 which bare recorde of the worde of God, and of the testimony of Iesus Christe, and of all thinges that he sawe. 3 Happy is he yt readeth, and they that heare the wordes of the prophesy and kepe thoo thinges which are wrytten therin. For the tyme is at honde. 4 Ihon to the seuen cogregacions in Asia. Grace be with you & peace, fro him which is and which was, and which is to come, & fro the seuen spretes which are present before his trone, 5 and from Iesus Christ which is a faithfull witnes, and first begotten of the deed: & LORDE ouer ye kinges of the earth. Vnto him that loued vs and wesshed vs fro synnes in his awne bloud, 6 and made vs kinges & Prestes vnto God his father, be glory, and dominion for euer more. Amen. 7 Beholde, he commeth with cloudes, and all eyes shall se him: & they also which peersed him. And all kinredes of the earth shal wayle. Euen so. Amen. 8 I am Alpha and Omega, the begynninge and the endinge, sayteh ye LORDE almighty, which is and which was and which is to come. 9 I Ihon youre brother and copanyon in tribulacion, and in the kyngdome and paciece which is in Iesu Christe, was in the yle of Pathmos for the worde of God, and for ye witnessynge of Iesu Christe. 10 I was in the sprete on a sondaye, and herde behynde me, a gret voyce, as it had bene of a trompe, 11 sayenge: I am Alpha and Omega, the fyrst and ye laste. That thou seist, write in a boke, and sende it vnto the cogregacions which are in Asia, vnto Ephesus and vnto Smyrna, and vnto Pargamos, and vnto Thiatira, and vnto Sardis, and vnto Philadelphia, and vnto Laodicia. 12 And I turned backe to se the voyce that spake to me. And whe I was turned: I sawe seue golde candestyckes, 13 and in the myddes of the candelstyckes, one like vnto the sonne of man clothed with a lynnin garmet downe to the ground, and gyrd aboute the brest with a golden gyrdle. 14 His heed, and his heares were whyte, as whyte woll, & as snowe: and his eyes were as a flamme of fyre: 15 and his fete like vnto brasse, as though they bret in a fornace: and his voyce as the sounde of many waters. 16 And he had in his right honde seue starres. And out of his mouth went a sharpe two edged swearde. And his face shone euen as the sonne in his strength. 17 And when I sawe him, I fell at his fete, euen as deed. And he layde his right honde vpon me, sayenge vnto me: feare not. I am the fyrst, and the laste, 18 and am alyue, and was deed. And beholde, I am alyue for euer more and haue the kayes of hell & of deth. 19 Wryte therfore the thinges which thou hast sene, and the thinges which are, and ye thinges which shalbe fulfylled here after: 20 & the mistery of the seuen starres which thou sawest in my right honde, and the seuen golden candelstickes. The seuen starres are the angels of the seue congregacions: And the seuen candelstyckes which thou sawest, are the seuen congregacions.