Revelation 19

JMNT(i) 1 After these things I heard – as it were a great voice of a large crowd – folks in the atmosphere (or: heaven) repeatedly saying, "Hallelujah (Praise Yahweh)!: the Deliverance (Salvation) and the Glory and the Power of, from and which is our God! 2 "Because His judgings (decisions and administrations of justice; judicial processes; separations and evaluations according to the Way pointed out) [are] true ones and fair (equitable; just; rightwised) ones, because He judged (or: judges) the Great Prostitute – anyone who was spoiling (ruining; corrupting) the Land (or: earth) within her prostitution (or: fornication; = idolatry) – and He restored a rightwised situation of equity in fairness for (or: avenges; vindicates; executes the right for) the blood of His slaves from out of her hand." 3 Then a second time they have said, "Praise Yahweh (Hallelujah)!" And so the smoke from her goes on rising up on into (or: progressively ascends into the midst of) the ages of the ages (or: crowning time-periods of the ages; indefinite eras which comprise the ages). 4 Then the twenty-four elders (old people) and the four living ones fall (or: fell) down and worship (ed) the God continuously sitting upon the throne, repeatedly saying, "Amen (Make it so; So be it). Praise Yahweh (Hallelujah)!" 5 And a Voice from out of the throne came forth, saying, "Habitually praise our God, all His slaves and the people continually fearing, revering and respecting Him – the small ones and the great ones." 6 Next I heard as a voice of a large crowd, and as a sound of many waters, even as a sound of strong thunders saying, "Praise Yahweh (Hallelujah)! Because the Lord [= Yahweh] our God, the Almighty, reigns! 7 "We should (or: may) continually rejoice (be glad; be full of joy), and we should continually celebrate (exult), and we should [other MSS: we will continue to] give the glory to Him, because the wedding (marriage festival) of the little Lamb came (or: comes) and His Wife made (or: makes) herself ready (prepares herself)." 8 Then it was (or: is) granted (or: given) to her to the end that she may clothe herself with bright and clean fine cotton (or: she may cast bright, pure, fine linen around her) – for the fine cotton (or: linen) represents the effects of right relationship and equity in the life of the Way pointed out (or: the results of being rightwised; the actualizations of justice; consequences of justice rendered from being turned in the right direction; the effects of having been placed in the Path pointed out; or: the just awards) of the set-apart folks (pertaining to the saints; from the sacred people). 9 And then he is saying to me, "Write: 'Blessed (Happy) ones [are] the folks having been called (the summoned ones; those being invited) into the wedding supper (meal) of the little Lamb.'" He also is saying to me, "These are the true Words of (or: real thoughts and messages from) God!" 10 And so I fell before his feet to worship him, and he is saying to me, "See and perceive! No! (= Don't do that!) I am your fellow-slave and [am] from among your brothers (or: = even belonging to [a group of] your fellow believers) – the ones constantly holding (having) the witness of (or: the testimony pertaining to, and the evidence about) Jesus – Give worship to God! You see, the evidence of (or: testimony pertaining to; witness about) Jesus is the spirit of The Prophecy (or: For the Breath-effect which is prophecy is the evidence for, and comes from, Jesus)." 11 Then I saw the atmosphere (or: sky; heaven), having been opened – and consider! A bright, white horse. And the One continually sitting upon it being constantly called "Faithful (Full of Faith; To Be Trusted; Trustworthy; Loyal) and True (or: Real), " and He is continuously judging (making decisions and separations) and battling (making war) in fairness (within equitable dealings; in justice and right relations which accord with the Way pointed out; also: = in union with covenant). 12 And His eyes [are] a flame of fire; and upon His head [are] many diadems (kingly bands), having a name having been written [other MSS: having names written, and a name] which no one knows except Himself, 13 and having been clothed (or: cast around) with a garment having been dipped in blood (or: dyed with blood), and His Name is being called "The Word of God (God’s Logos; The Message from God; God’s Idea)." 14 And the armies in the atmosphere (or: heaven) – ones having been clothed with (invested with; entered within) clean (or: pure) bright, white fine cotton – continued following Him upon bright, white horses. 15 Also, a sharp two-edged broadsword repeatedly goes out (issues forth; proceeds) from His mouth, to the end that in it He may smite (or: strike) the multitudes (nations; ethnic groups). And He will continue shepherding them with an iron staff. Furthermore He is continually treading, [as on a path], (or: trampling) the tub (the wine vat) of the wine of the strong passion of the internal swelling fervor (natural impulse; mental bent; personal emotion; or: indignation; wrath) of the All-Strong (Almighty) God. 16 And upon His garment and upon [His] thigh He has a Name having been written: "King of kings and Lord of lords." 17 Next I saw one agent standing in the sun. And he cried with a great voice, repeatedly saying to all the birds continuously flying in mid-heaven, "Come! Be gathered together into God’s great supper (meal taken at evening), 18 "so that you may eat kings' flesh and military commanders' (commanders of 1000 men; tribunes) flesh, even the flesh of strong ones, and the flesh of horses and of those sitting on them; both flesh of all free ones and of slaves; even of little ones and of great ones." 19 And I saw the little wild animal (creature; beast), and the kings of the Land (earth), and their armies, having been gathered (assembled) to make war (or: do battle) with the One continually sitting upon the horse, and with His army. 20 And yet the little wild animal (beast) was pressed and caught (or: is arrested), and with him the false prophet (the lying prophet) – the one that did (or: who does) the signs in his presence (or: before him), in which he led astray (or: he deceives) the folks taking the imprinted mark (carve-effect) of the little wild animal, and continually worshiping its image – the two were cast (or: thrown) into the lake (or: basin; artificial pool; marshy area) of the Fire: the one continuously burning within the midst of [the] Deity (or: the lake of the fire which constantly burns in union with the Divine Nature). 21 And the remaining ones (the rest; the ones left) were killed off in the broadsword coming out of the mouth of Him who is continuously sitting upon the horse. And all the birds were fed until satisfied from out of their flesh.