Revelation 13

JMNT(i) 1 and then I saw (or: perceived) a little animal (a little creature or beast) progressively climbing up (or: repeatedly ascending) from out of the midst of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads, and ten bands (diadems; kingly ornaments) upon its horns, and blasphemous names (or, names [other MSS: a name] of slander, abusive speech and light-hindering injury) upon its heads. 2 Then the little animal (little creature or beast) which I saw was and continued to exist like a leopard, and yet its feet [were] as a bear's, and its mouth as a lion's mouth. Next the dragon gave its ability and power, its throne, and great authority (or: license) to it [i.e., to the little animal]. 3 And one of its heads was as having been slaughtered unto death, and yet the blow of its death (or: its death-blow) was cured (or: tended; treated), and the whole Land (or: earth) followed after the little animal with fascinated wonder and admiration. 4 And so people worshiped (or: worship) the dragon because it gave (or: gives) authority to the little animal; and they worship the little animal, saying, "Who (or: What) [is] like the little animal (the little creature or beast)? And who (or: what) is able (continuously has power) to do battle (or: wage war) with it?" 5 Then a mouth, continuously speaking great things and blasphemies (things that obscure the light; abusive slander; harm-avering misrepresentations) was given to it. Authority to act (or: to make or do) [for] forty-two months [other MSS read: to make war 42 months; another early MS reads: to do what it wills 42 months] was also given to it (or: And so, a right from out of Being was allowed for it to suddenly form, construct and create [over a period of] forty-two months). 6 So it opened (or: at once opens) its mouth unto blasphemies (injurious slander) toward God, to blaspheme (misrepresent and hinder the light of) His Name and His Tabernacle: those continuously tabernacling (or: camping in tents; living in the Tabernacle) within the atmosphere (or: heaven). 7 Next it was (or: is) given to it to wage war (or: was allowed to do battle) with the set-apart folks (holy people) and to overcome them. And authority was given (or: Then right and privilege from out of its being was allowed) to it upon every tribe and people and tongue and multitude (nation; ethnic group). 8 And all those continually dwelling upon the earth (or: Land) will proceed worshiping it – concerning which folks, their name has not been written within the scroll of (or: which is) "The Life of the little Lamb" – the One having been slaughtered from a casting-down of [the] ordered arrangement (world of culture, religion, government and economics; or: from [the] world's founding). 9 If anyone continues having an ear, let him hear. 10 If anyone (or: a certain one) [is; is destined] into captivity, into captivity he is repeatedly (continuously; presently) departing [Griesbach's text adds sunagei, so would read: If anyone is continuously gathering (bringing together) a captive host, into captivity he is proceeding to undergo]. If anyone (or: a certain one) is continually killing with a sword, it is necessary for him to be killed with a sword. The patient and persistent endurance (or: the steadfast, humble and supportive remaining-under) and the reliability and faith of the set-apart ones (or: trust and loyal confidence of the holy folks) continually exists here. 11 Next I saw another little animal (little creature or beast), progressively stepping up out of the midst of the Land (or: earth), and it had two horns like a little lamb, yet it was, and continued, speaking as [the] dragon, 12 and it is continually exercising (doing, performing, executing) all the authority of the first little animal (or: little wild beast) within its presence (before it; in its sight), and it repeatedly makes the Land (or: forms the earth) and those dwelling in her, to the end that they would (or: may) worship the first little animal (little creature or wild beast) whose death blow was cured (or: treated). 13 And it is continually making (doing; constructing; performing; producing) great signs (wonders; miracles; marks; inscriptions), to the end that it may even repeatedly make (a) fire to continuously (or: repeatedly) descend from out of the atmosphere (or: sky; or: heaven) into the Land (or: earth) within the presence of (in sight of) the people (or: humans). 14 It also continually leads astray (causes to wander; deceives) those [other MSS read: Mine] who are continuously dwelling upon the Land (or: earth), because of the signs which it was (or: is) given to it to perform (or: allowed to do, make or construct) in the presence of (before; in sight of) the [first] little animal (little creature or wild beast). [It is] constantly saying – to those habitually dwelling upon the Land (or: earth) – to make (or: construct) an image (likeness; resemblance; an icon) to (or: for) the little animal (little wild beast) which continuously has the blow (wound; stripe) of the sword, yet lives. 15 And it was given to it (or: allowed for her) to give spirit (breath; a spirit) to the image (or: icon) of the [first] little animal (little wild beast) so that the image (or: icon) of the little animal can both speak and can cause (or: make it; arrange) that whoever would not worship the image of the [first] little animal would (or: should) be killed. 16 And so it is continually making (causing; forming) all (everyone) – the little (small; = insignificant) ones and the great ones, the rich ones and the poor ones, the free ones and the slaves – to the end that they could (would; may; [some MSS: it will] give to them an imprinted mark-effect (an engraved work; emblem; result of sculpting; carve-effect [note: same root from which we get the word "character"]) upon their right hand, or upon their foreheads, 17 even to the end that a certain one would continually be unable (or: not anyone would be continually able) to buy or to sell if [he or she is] not the one continuously having the imprinted mark-effect (engraving; carve-effect) or the name of the little animal, or the number of its name. 18 Here is Wisdom! The one having a mind must calculate (compute by pebbles) the number of the little animal, for it is man's number (or: [the] number of mankind; a number pertaining to humanity; a man's number): his number [is] 666.