Revelation 17

JMNT(i) 1 Next one of the seven agents – the ones holding the seven bowls – came and spoke with me, saying, "Come here! I will show (point out to) you the effect of the judgment (the result of the administering of justice; the effect of the judicial decision and equitable sentence) of the Great Prostitute – the one continuously sitting upon the many waters, 2 "with whom the kings of the Land (or: earth) commit (or: committed) prostitution (or: fornication) – and those continually dwelling down upon the Land (or: earth) [that] are (or: were) made drunk from out of the wine of her prostitution." [note: see Isa. 1:21; comment: prostitution can be a symbol of idolatry] 3 And he carried me away, in spirit (or: within [the] Spirit; in union with a Breath-effect), into a desert. And I saw a woman continuously sitting (or: seated) upon a crimson (or: scarlet) little wild animal (or: beast), [which was] continuously loaded (freighted) with names of blasphemy (which hinder light; of injurious, abusive slander; or: from a misrepresented image), having seven heads and ten horns. 4 The woman also had been clothed [with] purple and crimson (scarlet). And having been adorned (overlaid; gilded) with gold and precious stones and pearls, she is continuously holding in her hand a golden cup (goblet) [which] is continuously loaded (freighted; brimming) with abominations (detestable things) and the unclean things (impure aspects) of her prostitutions. 5 And upon her forehead, a name having been written: A MYSTERY (A SECRET; a matter that to gain the knowledge of which initiation is necessary) – BABYLON the GREAT: The Mother of the Prostitutes and of The Abominations (Detestable Things) of The Land (or: from the earth). 6 Then I saw the woman, being continuously drunk from out of the blood of the set-apart folks and from out of the blood of the witnesses of Jesus, and seeing her I wondered (marveled) a great wonder (or: I wondered, “ [It is] a great marvel!”). 7 And the agent said to me, "Why do (or: did) you wonder (marvel)? I will proceed declaring to you the secret of the woman and of the little wild animal [which is] continuously bearing her aloft, [and] which has the seven heads and the ten horns. 8 "The little wild animal (beast) which you saw was existing, and does not exist (is not), and is about to repeatedly climb up (ascend) out of the Deep, and to repeatedly lead under (or: go away) into loss (destruction; state of being lost). And those continually dwelling down upon the Land (earth) – whose names have not been written upon the little Scroll of THE LIFE from [the] casting-down (foundation) of [the] world (ordered system) – will continue wondering (marvel), continually observing (beholding) the little wild animal, that it was continuously existing (it was), and it does not exist (is not), and it will proceed being present (exist alongside). 9 "Here [is] The Mind: the one continuously having (holding) Wisdom (or: Here [is] the mind [which] has wisdom): The seven heads are seven mountains, where the woman continuously sits upon them, 10 "and they are seven kings: five fell, the one is (exists), the other one came not as yet, and when he may come it is necessary for him to remain (abide) a little while (or: briefly). 11 "And the little wild animal which was existing, and does not exist, it is also itself [the] eighth, and is (exists) out of the seven, and progressively leads under (goes away) into loss (destruction; state of being lost). 12 "And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings who do not yet receive a kingdom, but they are continually receiving authority AS kings [for] one hour with the little wild animal. 13 "These continually hold (or: have) one opinion (or: thought; resolve), and they continually give their power (or: ability) and authority to the little wild animal. 14 "These will proceed waging war (or: do battle) with the little Lamb, and the little Lamb will progressively overcome (subdue; conquer) them because He is LORD of lords and KING of kings, and the ones with Him are CALLED ONES and CHOSEN ONES and FAITHFUL ONES (or: trusting folks; people filled with faith; loyal ones)." 15 Then he is saying to me, "The waters which you saw (or: see), where the Prostitute continually sits, are peoples and crowds (mobs) and multitudes (nations; ethnic groups) and tongues (languages). 16 "And the ten horns which you saw (or: see) – even the little wild animal – these will continue hating (regarding with ill will) the Prostitute, and [she] being made desolate (having been laid waste), they will also proceed making her naked and will progressively eat her flesh (= physical form) and then they will proceed burning her down in a fire. 17 "For God gave (or: gives) into their hearts to do Hisopinion (thought; resolve; purpose), even to form (make; do) one opinion (thought; resolve), and to give their kingdom to the little wild animal (beast) UNTIL God’s Words (the Words of God) shall be completed (finished; ended; perfected; brought to their purposed and destined goal). 18 "And the woman, which you saw, is the Great City – the one continuously having a kingdom (or: reigning with dominion) upon (over) the kings of the Land (earth)."