Revelation 14

JMNT(i) 1 Later I saw this – so consider! The little Lamb [is; was] standing (or: having made a stand) upon Mount Zion (or: the mountain, Zion), and with Him [are] one hundred forty-four thousand: folks continuously having His Name, and (or: even) His Father's Name, having been written upon their foreheads. 2 Then I heard a voice (or: sound) out of the atmosphere (or: sky; heaven), as a voice (or: sound) of many waters, and as a voice (or: sound) of a great thunder. And the voice (sound) which I heard [was] as lyre-singers, continuously playing their lyres (or: harps). 3 And they repeatedly sing a new song (or: ode) before the throne, and in the presence of the four living ones and the old folks (or: elders). And no one was able to learn the song (or: ode) except the one hundred forty-four thousand – those having been bought from the Land (or: earth). 4 These are those who were (or: are) not stained (polluted, contaminated) with women, for they are (or: exist being) virgins. These are the folks continuously following The little Lamb wherever He progressively leads [other MSS: wherever He may habitually depart]. These were (or: are) bought from humanity, a first-fruit in God (for God; to God; by God), even in (for; to; by) the little Lamb. 5 And falsehood was (or: is) not found within their mouth, for they are (or: exist being) without blemish (are flawless, blameless and without defect). 6 Next I saw an agent (or: messenger; [other MSS: another agent/messenger]) continuously flying within mid-heaven, having eonian good news (or: a message of goodness and well-being pertaining to the ages and having the character and quality of the Age), to proclaim the good news upon those situated (or: habitually sitting down) upon the Land (or: earth), and upon every multitude (nation; ethnic group), tribe, tongue, and people, 7 repeatedly saying in a great (loud) voice, "You people should reverence (or: Be respecting and fearing) God, and give glory to Him (or: grant Him a reputation; give a good opinion in Him), because the hour of His deciding (judging; judicial process; making-distinction-between) came (or: went; comes), and you must worship the One making (the Maker; the One constructing and forming) the atmosphere (or: sky; heaven) and the earth (or: land; ground) and the sea and springs of water." 8 And then another, a second agent (or: messenger), followed, repeatedly saying, "It fell (or: It falls)! Babylon the Great fell (or: falls), because it has caused all nations (all ethnic groups and multitudes) to drink out of the wine of the strong passion (violent breathing) of her prostitution (or: = idolatry; or: sexual acts contrary to the Mosaic Law)." 9 And another, a third agent (or: messenger), followed them, repeatedly saying in a great voice, "If any one is continuously worshiping the little wild animal, and its image, and is continuously receiving an imprinted mark upon his forehead or upon his hand, 10 "he or she will also proceed drinking out of the wine of God's rushing emotion (strong passion; anger) – of the one having been mixed undiluted within the cup of His inherent fervor (natural bent; impulse; indignation; wrath). And he will proceed being examined (scrutinized with the touchstone to test his "mettle") within Fire and Deity (or: in union with Fire, even Divine qualities) in the presence of (before; in the sight of) the set-apart agents, and in the presence of (before) the little Lamb." 11 And so the smoke of their examination and testing by the touchstone continually ascends on into ages of the ages. And those continually worshiping the little animal and its image – and if any one continually receives the imprinted mark (carve-effect) of its name – they, continually, are not having rest day and night [comment: day and night are representations of time elapsing on earth]. 12 Here (or: In this place) exists (or: is) the persistent and patient endurance (the steadfast, humble remaining-under for support) of the set-apart folks (or: from the saints) – the people continually keeping watch upon (guarding, observing, having custody over) God's implanted goals (impartations of the finished product within; inward purposed directives) and the faith of Jesus (or: the trust pertaining to Jesus; the loyalty belonging to Jesus; the faith which belongs to and comes from Jesus; the conviction which is Jesus; the reliability of and from Jesus). 13 Next I heard a voice out of the atmosphere (or: sky; heaven), saying, "Write: 'From the present moment (from this time; from now; henceforth) the dead ones [are] blessed (happy) folks – those continuously dying within the Lord!'" "Yes, indeed, " the Spirit continues saying, "to the end that they may rest themselves from out of their wearisome labor (travail; toilsome exhaustion), for their works (actions; deeds) are continually following together with them." [Sinaiticus & p47 omit nai, "yes, indeed, " so an alternate rendering would be: "Happy {are} the dead ones – those continuously dying in the Lord! Henceforth, the Spirit says that they may rest, for their actions follow with them.”] 14 And I saw, and look: a bright, white cloud. And upon the cloud One like a son of man (= a human; or: = the eschatological Messiah figure) continually sitting, having a golden wreath upon His head and a sharp sickle (instrument for cutting off, cropping and harvesting) in his hand. 15 Then another agent (or: messenger) came forth out of the Temple, repeatedly crying out in a great voice to the One sitting upon the cloud, "You must send Your sickle and You must reap (gather in the harvest), because the hour to reap comes (or: came), because the harvest of the Land (or: earth) is dried (parched; withered; thus: = ripened)." 16 And the One continuously sitting upon the cloud cast (or: thrusts) His sickle upon the Land (or: earth) – and the Land (or: earth) was reaped! 17 Next another agent came out of the Temple [which is] resident within the atmosphere (or: within the midst of the heaven), he, too, having a sharp sickle. 18 Then another agent, having authority upon the Fire, came forth out of the altar and uttered (or: utters) a sound by a great outcry to the one continuously holding the sharp sickle, "You must send your sharp sickle and you must gather (pick) the clusters of the Land's (or: earth's) vineyard (grapevine), because her grapes are in their prime (are at the peak of ripeness)." 19 And so the agent cast (or: thrusts) his sickle into the Land (or: earth), and picks (gathers) the vineyard of the Land and he casts [it; them] into the great wine-press (trough; tub) of God's strong passion (rushing emotion; or: anger). 20 Then the wine-press (or: trough) was trodden (or: is trod as a path) outside of the City, and blood came (or: comes; goes) forth from out of the trough (or: wine-press) up to the horses' bridle – from a thousand six hundred stadia (a fixed standard of measure; a racecourse; a stadium).