Isaiah 53

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  1 H4310 מי Who H539 האמין hath believed H8052 לשׁמעתנו our report? H2220 וזרוע is the arm H3068 יהוה of the LORD H5921 על and to H4310 מי whom H1540 נגלתה׃ revealed?
  2 H5927 ויעל For he shall grow up H3126 כיונק him as a tender plant, H6440 לפניו before H8328 וכשׁרשׁ and as a root H776 מארץ ground: H6723 ציה out of a dry H3808 לא he hath no H8389 תאר form H3808 לו ולא nor H1926 הדר comeliness; H7200 ונראהו and when we shall see H3808 ולא him, no H4758 מראה beauty H2530 ונחמדהו׃ that we should desire
  3 H959 נבזה He is despised H2310 וחדל and rejected H376 אישׁים of men; H376 אישׁ a man H4341 מכאבות of sorrows, H3045 וידוע and acquainted H2483 חלי with grief: H4564 וכמסתר and we hid H6440 פנים as it were faces H4480 ממנו from H959 נבזה him; he was despised, H3808 ולא him not. H2803 חשׁבנהו׃ and we esteemed
  4 H403 אכן Surely H2483 חלינו our griefs, H1931 הוא he H5375 נשׂא hath borne H4341 ומכאבינו our sorrows: H5445 סבלם and carried H587 ואנחנו yet we H2803 חשׁבנהו did esteem H5060 נגוע him stricken, H5221 מכה smitten H430 אלהים of God, H6031 ומענה׃ and afflicted.
  5 H1931 והוא But he H2490 מחלל wounded H6588 מפשׁענו for our transgressions, H1792 מדכא bruised H5771 מעונתינו for our iniquities: H4148 מוסר the chastisement H7965 שׁלומנו of our peace H5921 עליו upon H2250 ובחברתו him; and with his stripes H7495 נרפא׃ we are healed.
  6 H3605 כלנו All H6629 כצאן we like sheep H8582 תעינו have gone astray; H376 אישׁ every one H1870 לדרכו to his own way; H6437 פנינו we have turned H3068 ויהוה and the LORD H6293 הפגיע hath laid H853 בו את   H5771 עון on him the iniquity H3605 כלנו׃ of us all.
  7 H5065 נגשׂ He was oppressed, H1931 והוא and he H6031 נענה was afflicted, H3808 ולא not H6605 יפתח yet he opened H6310 פיו his mouth: H7716 כשׂה as a lamb H2874 לטבח to the slaughter, H2986 יובל he is brought H7353 וכרחל and as a sheep H6440 לפני before H1494 גזזיה her shearers H481 נאלמה is dumb, H3808 ולא not H6605 יפתח so he openeth H6310 פיו׃ his mouth.
  8 H6115 מעצר from prison H4941 וממשׁפט and from judgment: H3947 לקח He was taken H853 ואת   H1755 דורו his generation? H4310 מי and who H7878 ישׂוחח shall declare H3588 כי for H1504 נגזר he was cut off H776 מארץ out of the land H2416 חיים of the living: H6588 מפשׁע for the transgression H5971 עמי of my people H5061 נגע׃ was he stricken.
  9 H5414 ויתן And he made H854 את with H7563 רשׁעים the wicked, H6913 קברו his grave H854 ואת and with H6223 עשׁיר the rich H4194 במתיו in his death; H5921 על because H3808 לא no H2555 חמס violence, H6213 עשׂה he had done H3808 ולא neither H4820 מרמה deceit H6310 בפיו׃ in his mouth.
  10 H3068 ויהוה the LORD H2654 חפץ Yet it pleased H1792 דכאו to bruise H2470 החלי him; he hath put to grief: H518 אם when H7760 תשׂים thou shalt make H817 אשׁם an offering for sin, H5315 נפשׁו his soul H7200 יראה he shall see H2233 זרע seed, H748 יאריך he shall prolong H3117 ימים days, H2656 וחפץ and the pleasure H3068 יהוה of the LORD H3027 בידו in his hand. H6743 יצלח׃ shall prosper
  11 H5999 מעמל of the travail H5315 נפשׁו of his soul, H7200 יראה He shall see H7646 ישׂבע shall be satisfied: H1847 בדעתו by his knowledge H6663 יצדיק justify H6662 צדיק shall my righteous H5650 עבדי servant H7227 לרבים many; H5771 ועונתם their iniquities. H1931 הוא for he H5445 יסבל׃ shall bear
  12 H3651 לכן Therefore H2505 אחלק will I divide H7227 לו ברבים him with the great, H854 ואת with H6099 עצומים the strong; H2505 יחלק and he shall divide H7998 שׁלל the spoil H8478 תחת because H834 אשׁר because H6168 הערה he hath poured out H4194 למות unto death: H5315 נפשׁו his soul H854 ואת with H6586 פשׁעים the transgressors; H4487 נמנה was numbered H1931 והוא and he H2399 חטא the sin H7227 רבים of many, H5375 נשׂא and he bore H6586 ולפשׁעים for the transgressors. H6293 יפגיע׃ and made intercession