1 H1697 The words H6953 of the Preacher, H1121 the son H1732 of David, H4428 king H3389 in Jerusalem.
  2 H1892 Vanity H1892 of vanities, H559 saith H6953 the Preacher; H1892 vanity H1892 of vanities, H1892 all is vanity.
  3 H3504 What profit H120 hath man H5999 of all his labor H5998 wherein he laboreth H8121 under the sun?
  4 H1755 One generation H1980 goeth, H1755 and another generation H935 cometh; H776 but the earth H5975 abideth H5769 for ever.
  5 H8121 The sun H2224 also ariseth, H8121 and the sun H935 goeth down, H7602 and hasteth H4725 to its place H2224 where it ariseth.
  6 H7307 The wind H1980 goeth H1864 toward the south, H5437 and turneth about H6828 unto the north; H1980 it turneth about continually H7307 in its course, and the wind H7725 returneth again H5439 to its circuits.
  7 H5158 All the rivers H1980 run H3220 into the sea, H3220 yet the sea H4392 is not full; H4725 unto the place H5158 whither the rivers H1980 go, H1980 thither they go H3212 again.
  8 H1697 All things H3023 are full of weariness; H376 man H3201 cannot H1696 utter H5869 it: the eye H7646 is not satisfied H7200 with seeing, H241 nor the ear H4390 filled H8085 with hearing.
  9 H6213 That which hath been is that which shall be; and that which hath been done H6213 is that which shall be done: H2319 and there is no new H8121 thing under the sun.
  10 H3426 Is there H1697 a thing H559 whereof it may be said, H7200 See, H2319 this is new? H3528 it hath been long ago, H5769 in the ages H6440 which were before us.
  11 H2146 There is no remembrance H7223 of the former H2146 generations; neither shall there be any remembrance H314 of the latter generations that are to come, H314 among those that shall come after.
  12 H6953 I the Preacher H4428 was king H3478 over Israel H3389 in Jerusalem.
  13 H5414 And I applied H3820 my heart H1875 to seek H8446 and to search out H2451 by wisdom H6213 concerning all that is done H8064 under heaven: H7451 it is a sore H6045 travail H430 that God H5414 hath given H1121 to the sons H120 of men H6031 to be exercised therewith.
  14 H7200 I have seen H4639 all the works H6213 that are done H8121 under the sun; H1892 and, behold, all is vanity H7469 and a striving H7307 after wind.
  15 H5791 That which is crooked H3201 cannot H8626 be made straight; H2642 and that which is wanting H3201 cannot H4487 be numbered.
  16 H1696 I communed H3820 with mine own heart, H559 saying, H3254 Lo, I have gotten H1431 me great H2451 wisdom H6440 above all that were before H3389 me in Jerusalem; H3820 yea, my heart H7235 hath had great H7200 experience H2451 of wisdom H1847 and knowledge.
  17 H5414 And I applied H3820 my heart H3045 to know H2451 wisdom, H3045 and to know H1947 madness H5531 and folly: H3045 I perceived H1571 that this H7475 also was a striving H7307 after wind.
  18 H7230 For in much H2451 wisdom H7230 is much H3708 grief; H3254 and he that increaseth H1847 knowledge H3254 increaseth H4341 sorrow.