Judges 12

  1 H376 And the men H669 of Ephraim H6817 [H8735] called themselves together, H5674 [H8799] and went H6828 northward, H559 [H8799] and said H3316 to Jephthah, H5674 [H8804] Why didst thou pass over H3898 [H8736] to fight H1121 against the children H5983 of Ammon, H7121 [H8804] and didst not call H3212 [H8800] us to go H8313 [H8799] with thee? we will burn H1004 thy house H784 upon thee with fire.
  2 H3316 And Jephthah H559 [H8799] said H5971 to them, I and my people H1961 [H8804] were H3966 at great H376 H7379 strife H1121 with the children H5983 of Ammon; H2199 [H8799] and when I called H3467 [H8689] you, ye delivered H3027 me not out of their hands.
  3 H7200 [H8799] And when I saw H3467 [H8688] that ye delivered H7760 [H8799] me not, I put H5315 my life H3709 in my hands, H5674 [H8799] and passed over H1121 against the children H5983 of Ammon, H3068 and the LORD H5414 [H8799] delivered H3027 them into my hand: H5927 [H8804] why then have ye come up H3117 to me this day, H3898 [H8736] to fight against me?
  4 H3316 Then Jephthah H6908 [H8799] gathered together H582 all the men H1568 of Gilead, H3898 [H8735] and fought H669 with Ephraim: H582 and the men H1568 of Gilead H5221 [H8686] smote H669 Ephraim, H559 [H8804] because they said, H1568 Ye Gileadites H6412 are fugitives H669 of Ephraim H8432 among H669 the Ephraimites, H8432 and among H4519 the Manassites.
  5 H1568 And the Gileadites H3920 [H8799] took H4569 the fords H3383 of Jordan H669 before the Ephraimites: H669 and it was so, that when those Ephraimites H6412 who had escaped H559 [H8799] said, H5674 [H8799] Let me go over; H582 that the men H1568 of Gilead H559 [H8799] said H673 to him, Art thou an Ephraimite? H559 [H8799] If he said, Nay;
  6 H559 [H8799] Then said H559 [H8798] they to him, Say H7641 now Shibboleth: H559 [H8799] and he said H5451 Sibboleth: H3559 0 for he could not frame H1696 [H8763] to pronounce H3559 [H8686] it right. H270 [H8799] Then they took H7819 [H8799] him, and slew H4569 him at the fords H3383 of Jordan: H5307 [H8799] and there fell H6256 at that time H669 of the Ephraimites H705 forty H8147 and two H505 thousand.
  7 H3316 And Jephthah H8199 [H8799] judged H3478 Israel H8337 six H8141 years. H4191 [H8799] Then died H3316 Jephthah H1569 the Gileadite, H6912 [H8735] and was buried H5892 in one of the cities H1568 of Gilead.
  8 H310 And after H78 him Ibzan H1035 of Bethlehem H8199 [H8799] judged H3478 Israel.
  9 H7970 And he had thirty H1121 sons, H7970 and thirty H1323 daughters, H7971 [H8765] whom he sent H2351 abroad, H935 [H8689] and took H7970 in thirty H1323 daughters H2351 from abroad H1121 for his sons. H8199 [H8799] And he judged H3478 Israel H7651 seven H8141 years.
  10 H4191 [H8799] Then died H78 Ibzan, H6912 [H8735] and was buried H1035 at Bethlehem.
  11 H310 And after H356 him Elon, H2075 a Zebulonite, H8199 [H8799] judged H3478 Israel; H8199 [H8799] and he judged H3478 Israel H6235 ten H8141 years.
  12 H356 And Elon H2075 the Zebulonite H4191 [H8799] died, H6912 [H8735] and was buried H357 in Aijalon H776 in the land H2074 of Zebulun.
  13 H310 And after H5658 him Abdon H1121 the son H1985 of Hillel, H6553 a Pirathonite, H8199 [H8799] judged H3478 Israel.
  14 H705 And he had forty H1121 sons H7970 and thirty H1121 grandsons, H7392 [H8802] that rode H7657 on seventy H5895 young donkeys: H8199 [H8799] and he judged H3478 Israel H8083 eight H8141 years.
  15 H5658 And Abdon H1121 the son H1985 of Hillel H6553 the Pirathonite H4191 [H8799] died, H6912 [H8735] and was buried H6552 in Pirathon H776 in the land H669 of Ephraim, H2022 in the mount H6003 of the Amalekites.