1 Chronicles 3

  1 H1121 Now these were the sons H1732 of David H3205 [H8738] , who were born H2275 to him in Hebron H1060 ; the firstborn H550 Amnon H293 , of Ahinoam H3159 the Jezreelitess H8145 ; the second H1840 Daniel H26 , of Abigail H3762 the Carmelitess:
  2 H7992 The third H53 , Absalom H1121 the son H4601 of Maachah H1323 the daughter H8526 of Talmai H4428 king H1650 of Geshur H7243 : the fourth H138 , Adonijah H1121 the son H2294 of Haggith:
  3 H2549 The fifth H8203 , Shephatiah H37 of Abital H8345 : the sixth H3507 , Ithream H5698 by Eglah H802 his wife.
  4 H8337 These six H3205 [H8738] were born H2275 to him in Hebron H4427 [H8799] ; and there he reigned H7651 seven H8141 years H8337 and six H2320 months H3389 : and in Jerusalem H4427 [H8804] he reigned H7970 thirty H7969 and three H8141 years.
  5 H3205 [H8738] And these were born H3389 to him in Jerusalem H8092 ; Shimea H7727 , and Shobab H5416 , and Nathan H8010 , and Solomon H702 , four H1340 , of Bathshua H1323 the daughter H5988 of Ammiel:
  6 H2984 Ibhar H476 also, and Elishama H467 , and Eliphelet,
  7 H5052 And Nogah H5298 , and Nepheg H3309 , and Japhia,
  8 H476 And Elishama H450 , and Eliada H467 , and Eliphelet H8672 , nine.
  9 H1121 These were all the sons H1732 of David H1121 , besides the sons H6370 of the concubines H8559 , and Tamar H269 their sister.
  10 H8010 And Solomon's H1121 son H7346 was Rehoboam H29 , Abia H1121 his son H609 , Asa H1121 his son H3092 , Jehoshaphat H1121 his son,
  11 H3141 Joram H1121 his son H274 , Ahaziah H1121 his son H3101 , Joash H1121 his son,
  12 H558 Amaziah H1121 his son H5838 , Azariah H1121 his son H3147 , Jotham H1121 his son,
  13 H271 Ahaz H1121 his son H2396 , Hezekiah H1121 his son H4519 , Manasseh H1121 his son,
  14 H526 Amon H1121 his son H2977 , Josiah H1121 his son.
  15 H1121 And the sons H2977 of Josiah H1060 were, the firstborn H3110 Johanan H8145 , the second H3079 Jehoiakim H7992 , the third H6667 Zedekiah H7243 , the fourth H7967 Shallum.
  16 H1121 And the sons H3079 of Jehoiakim H3204 : Jeconiah H1121 his son H6667 , Zedekiah H1121 his son.
  17 H1121 And the sons H3204 of Jeconiah H617 ; Assir H7597 , Salathiel H1121 his son,
  18 H4443 Malchiram H6305 also, and Pedaiah H8137 , and Shenazar H3359 , Jecamiah H1953 , Hoshama H5072 , and Nedabiah.
  19 H1121 And the sons H6305 of Pedaiah H2216 were, Zerubbabel H8096 , and Shimei H1121 : and the sons H2216 of Zerubbabel H4918 ; Meshullam H2608 , and Hananiah H8019 , and Shelomith H269 their sister:
  20 H2807 And Hashubah H169 , and Ohel H1296 , and Berechiah H2619 , and Hasadiah H3142 , and Jushabhesed H2568 , five.
  21 H1121 And the sons H2608 of Hananiah H6410 ; Pelatiah H3470 , and Jesaiah H1121 : the sons H7509 of Rephaiah H1121 , the sons H770 of Arnan H1121 , the sons H5662 of Obadiah H1121 , the sons H7935 of Shechaniah.
  22 H1121 And the sons H7935 of Shechaniah H8098 ; Shemaiah H1121 : and the sons H8098 of Shemaiah H2407 ; Hattush H3008 , and Igeal H1282 , and Bariah H5294 , and Neariah H8202 , and Shaphat H8337 , six.
  23 H1121 And the sons H5294 of Neariah H454 ; Elioenai H2396 , and Hezekiah H5840 , and Azrikam H7969 , three.
  24 H1121 And the sons H454 of Elioenai H1939 were, Hodaiah H475 , and Eliashib H6411 , and Pelaiah H6126 , and Akkub H3110 , and Johanan H1806 , and Delaiah H6054 , and Anani H7651 , seven.