1 Chronicles 3

Coverdale(i) 1 These are the childre of Dauid, which were borne vnto him in Hebron. The first sonne, Amnon of Ahinoam the Iesraelitisse: the seconde, Daniel of Abigail the Carmelitisse: 2 the thirde, Absalom ye sonne of Maecha ye doughter of Thalmai kynge of Gesur: the fourth, Adonias the sonne of Hagith: 3 the fifth, Saphathia of Abital: the sixte, Iethream of his wife Egla. 4 These sixe were borne vnto him at Hebron, for he reigned there vij. yeare & sixe monethes. But at Ierusale reigned he thre & thirtie yeare. 5 And these were borne vnto him at Ierusalem: Simea, Sobab, Nathan, Salomo: these foure of Bethseba ye doughter of Ammiel. 6 And Iebear, Elisama, Eliphalet, 7 Noga, Nepheg, Iapia, 8 Elisama, Eliada, Eliphelet, these nyne. 9 These all are ye children of Dauid, besyde those yt were the childre of ye cocubynes. And Thamar was their sister. 10 Salomons sonne was Roboam, whose sonne was Abia, whose sonne was Asa, who sonne was Iosaphat, 11 whose sonne was Ioram, whose sonne was Ahasia, whose sonne was Ioas, 12 whose sonne was Amasias, whose sonne was Asaria, whose sonne was Iotham, 13 whose sonne was Achas, whose sonne was Ezechias, whose sonne was Manasses, 14 whose sonne was Amon, whose sonne was Iosias. 15 The sonnes of Iosias were: ye first, Iohanna: the seconde, Ioachim: the thirde, Sedechias: the fourth, Sallum. 16 The childre of Ioachim were, Iechonias, whose sonne was Sedechias. 17 The childre of Iechonias which were take presoners, were Selathiel, 18 Malchiram, Phadaia, Semeazar, Iekamia, Hosanna, Nedabia. 19 The childre of Phadaia were: Zorobabel & Simei. The childre of Zorobabel were: Mesullam & Hanania, & their sister Selomith, 20 and Hasuba, Ohel, Barachias, Hasadia, Iusab Hases, these fyue. 21 The children of Hanania were: Platia & Iesaia, whose sonne was Rephaia, whose sonne was Arnan, whose sonne was Obedia, whose sonne was Sachania. 22 The children of Sachania were: Semaia. The children of Semaia were: Hatus, Iegeal, Bariah, Nearia, Saphat & Sesa, these sixe. 23 The children of Nearia were: Elioenai, Ezechias & Asrika, these thre. 24 The childre of Elioenai were: Hodaia, Eliasib, Platia, Akub, Iohanna, Delaia and Anani, these seuen.