1 Chronicles 3

ECB(i) 1
And these are the sons of David - birthed to him in Hebron: the firstbirthed, Amnon of Achiy Noam the Yizre Eliyth; the second, Dani El of Abi Gail the Karmeliyth; 2 the third, Abi Shalom the son of Maachah the daughter of Talmay sovereign of Geshur; the fourth, Adoni Yah the son of Haggith; 3 the fifth, Shaphat Yah of Abi Tal; the sixth, Yithre Am of his woman Eglah 4 - these six birthed to him in Hebron; and he reigns there seven years and six months: and he reigns thirty-three years in Yeru Shalem. 5 And these are birthed to him in Yeru Shalem: Shimah and Shobab and Nathan and Shelomoh - four of Bath Shua the daughter of Ammi El: 6 also Yibchar and Eli Shama and Eli Phelet 7 and Nogah and Nepheg and Yaphia 8 and Eli Shama and Eli Ada and Eli Phelet - nine. 9 These are all the sons of David beside the sons of the concubines, and Tamar their sister. 10
And the son of Shelomoh is Rechab Am, Abi Yah his son, Asa his son, Yah Shaphat his son, 11 Yah Ram his son, Achaz Yah his son, Yah Ash his son, 12 Amaz Yah his son, Azar Yah his son, Yah Tham his son, 13 Achaz his son, Yechizqi Yah his son, Menash Sheh his son, 14 Amon his son, Yoshi Yah his son. 15 And the sons of Yoshi Yah: the firstbirthed, Yah Hanan, the second, Yah Aqim, the third, Sidqi Yah, the fourth, Shallum. 16 And the sons of Yah Aqim: Yechon Yah his son, Sidqi Yah his son. 17 And the sons of Yechon Yah: Assir, Shealti El his son, 18 also Malki Ram and Pedah Yah and Shenassar Yeqam Yah, Yah Shama and Nedab Yah. 19 And the sons of Pedah Yah: Zerub Babel and Shimi. And the sons of Zerub Babel: Meshullam and Hanan Yah and Shelomith their sister: 20 and Hashubah and Ohel and Berech Yah and Hasad Yah, Yushab Hesed - five. 21 And the sons of Hanan Yah: Pelat Yah and Yesha Yah the sons of Repha Yah the sons of Arnan the sons of Obad Yah the sons of Shechan Yah. 22 And the sons of Shechan Yah: Shema Yah. And the sons of Shema Yah: Hattush and Yigal and Bariach, and Near Yah and Shaphat - six. 23 And the sons of Near Yah: El Ya Enay and Yechizqi Yah and Ezri Qam - three. 24 And the sons of El Ya Enay: Hodav Yah and El Yashib and Pela Yah and Aqqub and Yah Hanan and Dela Yah and Anani - seven.