1 Chronicles 3

  1 H1121 Now these were the sons H1732 of David, H3205 that were born H2275 unto him in Hebron: H1060 the first-born, H550 Amnon, H293 of Ahinoam H3159 the Jezreelitess; H8145 the second, H1840 Daniel, H26 of Abigail H3762 the Carmelitess;
  2 H7992 the third, H53 Absalom H1121 the son H4601 of Maacah H1323 the daughter H8526 of Talmai H4428 king H1650 of Geshur; H7243 the fourth, H138 Adonijah H1121 the son H2294 of Haggith;
  3 H2549 the fifth, H8203 Shephatiah H37 of Abital; H8345 the sixth, H3507 Ithream H5698 by Eglah H802 his wife:
  4 H8337 six H3205 were born H2275 unto him in Hebron; H4427 and there he reigned H7651 seven H8141 years H8337 and six H2320 months. H3389 And in Jerusalem H4427 he reigned H7970 thirty H7969 and three H8141 years;
  5 H3205 and these were born H3389 unto him in Jerusalem: H8092 Shimea, H7727 and Shobab, H5416 and Nathan, H8010 and Solomon, H702 four, H1340 of Bath-shua H1323 the daughter H5988 of Ammiel;
  6 H2984 and Ibhar, H476 and Elishama, H467 and Eliphelet,
  7 H5052 and Nogah, H5298 and Nepheg, H3309 and Japhia,
  8 H476 and Elishama, H450 and Eliada, H467 and Eliphelet, H8672 nine.
  9 H1121 All these were the sons H1732 of David, H1121 besides the sons H6370 of the concubines; H8559 and Tamar H269 was their sister.
  10 H8010 And Solomon's H1121 son H7346 was Rehoboam, H29 Abijah H1121 his son, H609 Asa H1121 his son, H3092 Jehoshaphat H1121 his son,
  11 H3141 Joram H1121 his son, H274 Ahaziah H1121 his son, H3101 Joash H1121 his son,
  12 H558 Amaziah H1121 his son, H5838 Azariah H1121 his son, H3147 Jotham H1121 his son,
  13 H271 Ahaz H1121 his son, H2396 Hezekiah H1121 his son, H4519 Manasseh H1121 his son,
  14 H526 Amon H1121 his son, H2977 Josiah H1121 his son.
  15 H1121 And the sons H2977 of Josiah: H1060 the first-born H3110 Johanan, H8145 the second H3079 Jehoiakim, H7992 the third H6667 Zedekiah, H7243 the fourth H7967 Shallum.
  16 H1121 And the sons H3079 of Jehoiakim: H3204 Jeconiah H1121 his son, H6667 Zedekiah H1121 his son.
  17 H1121 And the sons H3204 of Jeconiah, H617 the captive: H7597 Shealtiel H1121 his son,
  18 H4443 and Malchiram, H6305 and Pedaiah, H8137 and Shenazzar, H3359 Jekamiah, H1953 Hoshama, H5072 and Nedabiah.
  19 H1121 And the sons H6305 of Pedaiah: H2216 Zerubbabel, H8096 and Shimei. H1121 And the sons H2216 of Zerubbabel: H4918 Meshullam, H2608 and Hananiah; H8019 and Shelomith H269 was their sister;
  20 H2807 and Hashubah, H169 and Ohel, H1296 and Berechiah, H2619 and Hasadiah, H3142 Jushab-hesed, H2568 five.
  21 H1121 And the sons H2608 of Hananiah: H6410 Pelatiah, H3470 and Jeshaiah; H1121 the sons H7509 of Rephaiah, H1121 the sons H770 of Arnan, H1121 the sons H5662 of Obadiah, H1121 the sons H7935 of Shecaniah.
  22 H1121 And the sons H7935 of Shecaniah: H8098 Shemaiah. H1121 And the sons H8098 of Shemaiah: H2407 Hattush, H3008 and Igal, H1282 and Bariah, H5294 and Neariah, H8202 and Shaphat, H8337 six.
  23 H1121 And the sons H5294 of Neariah: H454 Elioenai, H2396 and Hizkiah, H5840 and Azrikam, H7969 three.
  24 H1121 And the sons H454 of Elioenai: H1939 Hodaviah, H475 and Eliashib, H6411 and Pelaiah, H6126 and Akkub, H3110 and Johanan, H1806 and Delaiah, H6054 and Anani, H7651 seven.