Jeremiah 14:18

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  18 H518 אם If H3318 יצאתי I go forth H7704 השׂדה into the field, H2009 והנה then behold H2491 חללי the slain H2719 חרב with the sword! H518 ואם and if H935 באתי I enter H5892 העיר into the city, H2009 והנה then behold H8463 תחלואי them that are sick H7458 רעב with famine! H3588 כי yea, H1571 גם both H5030 נביא the prophet H1571 גם and H3548 כהן the priest H5503 סחרו go about H413 אל into H776 ארץ a land H3808 ולא not. H3045 ידעו׃ that they know