Isaiah 28:7

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  7 H1571 וגם also H428 אלה But they H3196 ביין through wine, H7686 שׁגו have erred H7941 ובשׁכר and through strong drink H8582 תעו are out of the way; H3548 כהן the priest H5030 ונביא and the prophet H7686 שׁגו have erred H7941 בשׁכר through strong drink, H1104 נבלעו they are swallowed up H4480 מן of H3196 היין wine, H8582 תעו they are out of the way H4480 מן through H7941 השׁכר strong drink; H7686 שׁגו they err H7203 בראה in vision, H6328 פקו they stumble H6417 פליליה׃ judgment.