ECB(i) 1
The scroll of the genesis of Yah Shua Messiah, the son of David, the son of Abraham. 2
FOURTEEN GENERATIONS: ABRAHAM TO DAVID Abraham births Yischaq, and Yischaq births Yaaqov, and Yaaqov births Yah Hudah and his brothers, 3 and Yah Hudah births Peres and Zerach of Tamar, and Peres births Hesron, and Hesron births Ram, 4 and Ram births Ammi Nadab, and Ammi Nadab births Nachshon, and Nachshon births Salmon, 5 and Salmon births Boaz of Rachab, and Boaz births Obed of Ruth, and Obed births Yishay, 6 and Yishay births David the sovereign,
FOURTEEN GENERATIONS: TO THE BABEL EXILE and David the sovereign births Shelomoh of the woman of Uri Yah, 7 and Shelomoh births Rechab Am, and Rechab Am births Abi Yah, and Abi Yah births Asa, 8 and Asa births Yah Shaphat, and Yah Shaphat births Yoram, and Yoram births Uzzi Yah, 9 and Uzzi Yah births Yah Tham, and Yah Tham births Achaz, and Achaz births Yechizq Yah, 10 and Yechizq Yah births Menash Sheh, and Menash Sheh births Amon, and Amon births Yoshi Yah, 11 and Yoshi Yah births Yechon Yah and his brothers about the time they are exiled to Babel, 12
and after the exile to Babel Yechon Yah births Shealti El, and Shealti El births Zerub Babel, 13 and Zerub Babel births Abi Hud, and Abi Hud births El Yaqim, and El Yaqim births Azzur, 14 and Azzur births Sadoq, and Sadoq births Yah Qim, and Yah Qim births Eli Ud, 15 and Eli Ud births El Azar, and El Azar births Mattan, and Mattan births Yaaqov, 16 and Yaaqov births Yoseph the man of Miryam of whom is birthed Yah Shua, who is worded Messiah. 17
So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the exile into Babel are fourteen generations; and from the exile into Babel to the Messiah are fourteen generations. 18
Now the birth of Yah Shua Messiah is thus: When indeed his mother Miryam espouses to Yoseph - ere they come together, she finds having in womb of the Holy Spirit. 19 So Yoseph her man, being just, wills to not expose her, but wills to release her secretly. 20 And pondering these, behold, the angel of Yah Veh manifests to him in a dream, wording, Yoseph, you son of David, awe not to take Miryam your woman to yourself: for that birthing in her is of the Holy Spirit. 21 And she is to birth a son; and you, call his name Yah Shua: for he saves his people from their sins. 22
Now all this became, to fulfill/shalam that rhetorized by Yah Veh through the prophet, wording, 23 Behold, a virgin has in womb and births a son; and they call his name Immanu El, which translates, Elohim with us. Isaiah 7:14 24 And Yoseph, rousing from sleep does as the angel of Yah Veh orders him, and takes his woman to him: 25 and knows her not until she births her firstbirthed son: and he calls his name Yah Shua.