Matthew 21

ECB(i) 1
And they approach Yeru Shalem, and go to Beth Pag, to the mount of Olives. Then Yah Shua apostolizes two disciples, 2 wording to them, Go into the village opposite you; and straightway you find a burro tied with a colt: release them, and bring them to me: 3 and whenever anyone says aught to you, say, Adonay needs them. - and straightway he apostolizes them. 4 All this is to fulfill/shalam what the prophet rhetorized, wording, 5 Say you the daughter of Siyon, Behold, your sovereign comes to you - meek and mounted on a burro with a colt the son of a burro. Zechar Yah 9:9 6 And the disciples go and do exactly as Yah Shua orders them; 7 and bring the burro and the colt, and put their garments on them; and they set him on them. 8 And vast multitude spreads their garments in the way; others cut down branches from the trees and spread them in the way: 9 and the multitudes preceding and following cry out, wording, Hoshia Na to the son of David: Eulogized - he who comes in the name of Yah Veh; Hoshia Na in the highests. Psalm 118:25, 26 10 And he enters Yeru Shalem; and all the city quakes, wording, Who is this? 11 And the multitude words, This is Yah Shua the prophet of Nazareth, Galiyl. 12
And Yah Shua enters the priestal precinct of Elohim and ejects all who sell and market in the priestal precinct; and upsets the tables of the coindealers and the cathedras of them who sell doves. 13 And words to them, It is scribed, My house is called the house of prayer; but you make it a grotto of robbers. Isaiah 56:7 14
And the blind and the lame come to him in the priestal precinct and he cures them. 15 And the archpriests and scribes see the marvels he does: and the lads crying in the priestal precinct, and wording, Hoshia Na to the son of David - they indignify. Psalm 118:25, 26 16 And they say to him, Hear you what these are wording? And Yah Shua words to them, Yes; have you never ever read, From the mouth of babes and nipplers you prepare halal? Psalm 8:2 17 And he leaves them and goes from the city to Beth Ania - and there he camps. 18
But in the early morning, he returns to the city, famished. 19 And he sees a fig tree in the way and comes to it, and finds naught thereon except leaves only: and he words to it, No fruit becomes from you to the eons. - and immediately the fig tree withers. 20 And the disciples see and marvel, wording, How immediately the fig tree withers! 21 Yah Shua answers them, saying, Amen! I word to you, Whenever you have trust, and doubt not, you not only do this to the fig tree, but also, whenever you say to this mountain, Remove! And be cast into the sea! - so be it. 22 And all - as much as ever you ask in prayer, trusting, you take. 23
And he comes to the priestal precinct: and the archpriests and the elders of the people come to him as he doctrinates, and they word, In what authority do you these? and, Who gives you this authority? 24 And Yah Shua answers them, saying, I also ask you one word, which, whenever you tell me, I also say to you in what authority I do these. 25 The baptism of Yahn, whence is it - Of the heavens? Or of humanity? And they reason with themselves, speaking, Whenever we say, Of the heavens; he says to us, So why trust you not him? 26 But whenever we say, Of humanity; we awe the multitudes; for all regard Yahn as a prophet. 27 - and they answer Yah Shua, saying, We know not. And he says to them, And I word not in what authority I do these. 28
But what think you? A human has two children: and he comes to the first and says, Child, go work today in my vineyard. 29 He answers, saying, I will not - but afterward he regrets, and goes. 30 And he comes to the second, and says likewise. And he answers, saying, I go, adoni: and goes not. 31 Which of the two does the will of his father? They word to him, The first. Yah Shua speaks to them, Amen! I word to you, That the customs agents and the whores precede you into the sovereigndom of Elohim. 32 For Yahn came to you in the way of justness, and you trusted him not: but the customs agents and the whores trusted him: and you, when you saw, regretted not afterward to trust him. 33
Hear another parable: A human housedespotes, plants a vineyard and hedges it all around and digs a trough in it and builds a tower and leases it to cultivators and goes abroad: 34 and the season of the fruit approaches and he apostolizes his servants to the cultivators to take of the fruits: 35 and the cultivators take his servants; and indeed flog one and slaughter another and stone another. 36 Again, he apostolizes other servants much more than the first: and they do to them likewise. 37 And afterward he apostolizes his son to them, wording, They respect my son. 38 But the cultivators see the son, and they say among themselves, This is the heir! Come! Slaughter him! Seize his inheritance! 39 And they take him and eject him from the vineyard and slaughter him. 40 So when the adoni of the vineyard comes, what does he to those cultivators? 41 They word to him, He evilly destroys those evil men, and leases his vineyard to other cultivators who give him the fruits in their seasons. 42 Yah Shua words to them, Read you never ever in the scriptures, The stone the builders disapprove, the same becomes the head of the corner: this becomes of Yah Vah and it is marvellous in our eyes? Psalm 118:22, 23 43 So I word to you, The sovereigndom of Elohim is taken from you and given to a goyim producing the fruits thereof. 44 And whoever falls on this stone crushes: but on whomever it falls, pulverizes. Isaiah 8:14 45 And the archpriests and Pharisees hear his parables, and they know he words concerning them: 46 and they seek to lay hands on him, but they awe the multitude because they regard him as a prophet.