Matthew 21

  1 G3753 And when G1448 they drew near G2414 to Jerusalem, G2064 and were come G967 to Bethphage, G3735 to the mount G1636 of Olives, G5119 then G649 sent G2424 Jesus G1417 two G3101 disciples,
  2 G3004 Saying G4198 to them, Go G1519 into G2968 the village G561 over G561 against G2112 you, and straightway G2147 you shall find G3688 an ass G1210 tied, G4454 and a colt G3089 with her: loose G71 them, and bring them to me.
  3 G1437 And if G5100 any G2036 man say G5100 ought G2046 to you, you shall say, G2962 The Lord G2192 has G5532 need G2112 of them; and straightway G649 he will send them.
  4 G3650 All G5124 this G1096 was done, G4137 that it might be fulfilled G3588 which G4483 was spoken G4396 by the prophet, G3004 saying,
  5 G2036 Tell G2364 you the daughter G4622 of Sion, G2400 Behold, G935 your King G2064 comes G4239 to you, meek, G1910 and sitting G3688 on an ass, G4454 and a colt G5207 the foal G5268 of an ass.
  6 G3101 And the disciples G4198 went, G4160 and did G2424 as Jesus G4367 commanded them,
  7 G71 And brought G3688 the ass, G4454 and the colt, G2007 and put G1883 on G2440 them their clothes, G1940 and they set G1883 him thereon. G846
  8 G4118 And a very G4118 great G3793 multitude G4766 spread G2440 their garments G3598 in the way; G243 others G2875 cut G2875 down G2798 branches G1186 from the trees, G4766 and strewed G3598 them in the way.
  9 G3793 And the multitudes G4254 that went G4254 before, G190 and that followed, G2896 cried, G3004 saying, G5614 Hosanna G5207 to the son G1138 of David: G2127 Blessed G2064 is he that comes G3686 in the name G2962 of the Lord; G5614 Hosanna G5310 in the highest.
  10 G1525 And when he was come G1519 into G2414 Jerusalem, G3956 all G4172 the city G4579 was moved, G3004 saying, G5101 Who G3778 is this?
  11 G3793 And the multitude G3004 said, G3778 This G2424 is Jesus G4396 the prophet G3478 of Nazareth G1056 of Galilee.
  12 G2424 And Jesus G1525 went G1519 into G2411 the temple G2316 of God, G1544 and cast G3956 out all G4453 them that sold G59 and bought G2411 in the temple, G2690 and overthrew G5132 the tables G2855 of the moneychangers, G2515 and the seats G4453 of them that sold G4058 doves,
  13 G3004 And said G1125 to them, It is written, G3624 My house G2564 shall be called G3624 the house G4335 of prayer; G4160 but you have made G4693 it a den G3027 of thieves.
  14 G5185 And the blind G5560 and the lame G4334 came G2411 to him in the temple; G2323 and he healed them.
  15 G749 And when the chief G749 priests G1122 and scribes G1492 saw G2297 the wonderful G4160 things that he did, G3816 and the children G2896 crying G2411 in the temple, G3004 and saying, G5614 Hosanna G5207 to the son G1138 of David; G23 they were sore G23 displeased,
  16 G2036 And said G191 to him, Hear G5101 you what G3778 these G3004 say? G2424 And Jesus G3004 said G3483 to them, Yes; G3763 have you never G314 read, G4750 Out of the mouth G3516 of babes G2337 and sucklings G2675 you have perfected G136 praise?
  17 G2641 And he left G1831 them, and went G4172 out of the city G1519 into G963 Bethany; G835 and he lodged G1563 there.
  18 G1161 Now G4405 in the morning G1877 as he returned G1519 into G4172 the city, G3983 he hungry.
  19 G1492 And when he saw G4808 a fig G4808 tree G3598 in the way, G2064 he came G2147 to it, and found G3762 nothing G1722 thereon, G846 G5444 but leaves G3440 only, G3004 and said G3371 to it, Let no G2590 fruit G1096 grow G1537 on G3371 you henceforward G165 for ever. G3916 And presently G4808 the fig G4808 tree G3583 withered away.
  20 G3101 And when the disciples G1492 saw G2296 it, they marveled, G3004 saying, G4459 How G3916 soon G4808 is the fig G4808 tree G3583 withered away!
  21 G2424 Jesus G611 answered G2036 and said G281 to them, Truly G3004 I say G1437 to you, If G2192 you have G4102 faith, G1252 and doubt G3440 not, you shall not only G4160 do G3588 this G4808 which is done to the fig G4808 tree, G2579 but also G2579 if G2036 you shall say G5129 to this G3735 mountain, G142 Be you removed, G906 and be you cast G1519 into G2281 the sea; G1096 it shall be done.
  22 G3956 And all G3745 things, whatever G302 G154 you shall ask G4335 in prayer, G4100 believing, G2983 you shall receive.
  23 G2064 And when he was come G1519 into G2411 the temple, G749 the chief G749 priests G4245 and the elders G2992 of the people G4334 came G1321 to him as he was teaching, G3004 and said, G4169 By what G1849 authority G4160 do G5023 you these G5101 things? and who G1325 gave G5026 you this G1849 authority?
  24 G2424 And Jesus G611 answered G2036 and said G2504 to them, I also G2065 will ask G1520 you one G3056 thing, G3739 which G1437 if G2036 you tell G2504 me, I in like G2046 wise will tell G4169 you by what G1849 authority G4160 I do G5023 these things.
  25 G908 The baptism G2491 of John, G4159 from where G3772 was it? from heaven, G2228 or G444 of men? G1260 And they reasoned G1438 with themselves, G3004 saying, G1437 If G2036 we shall say, G3772 From heaven; G2046 he will say G1302 to us, Why G3767 did you not then G4100 believe him?
  26 G1437 But if G2036 we shall say, G444 Of men; G5399 we fear G3793 the people; G3956 for all G2192 hold G2491 John G4396 as a prophet.
  27 G611 And they answered G2424 Jesus, G2036 and said, G3756 We cannot G1492 G1492 tell. G5346 And he said G3761 to them, Neither G3004 tell G4169 I you by what G1849 authority G4160 I do G5023 these things.
  28 G5101 But what G1380 think G444 you? A certain man G2192 had G1417 two G5043 sons; G4334 and he came G4413 to the first, G2036 and said, G5043 Son, G5217 go G2038 work G4594 to day G290 in my vineyard.
  29 G611 He answered G2036 and said, G2309 I will G5305 not: but afterward G3338 he repented, G565 and went.
  30 G4334 And he came G1208 to the second, G2036 and said G5615 likewise. G611 And he answered G2036 and said, G565 I go, G2962 sir: G565 and went not.
  31 G5101 Whether G1417 of them two G4160 did G2307 the will G3962 of his father? G3004 They say G4413 to him, The first. G2424 Jesus G3004 said G281 to them, Truly G3004 I say G5057 to you, That the publicans G4204 and the harlots G4254 go G1519 into G932 the kingdom G2316 of God G4254 before you.
  32 G2491 For John G2064 came G3598 to you in the way G1343 of righteousness, G4100 and you believed G5057 him not: but the publicans G4204 and the harlots G4100 believed G1492 him: and you, when you had seen G3338 it, repented G5305 not afterward, G4100 that you might believe him.
  33 G191 Hear G243 another G3850 parable: G444 There was a certain G5100 G3617 householder, G3748 which G5452 planted G290 a vineyard, G5418 and hedged G4060 G4060 it round about, G3736 and dig G3025 a wine press G3618 in it, and built G4444 a tower, G1554 and let G1092 it out to farmers, G589 and went G1519 into G589 a far country:
  34 G3753 And when G2540 the time G2590 of the fruit G1448 drew near, G649 he sent G1401 his servants G1092 to the farmers, G2983 that they might receive G2590 the fruits of it.
  35 G1092 And the farmers G2983 took G1401 his servants, G1194 and beat G3739 one, G615 and killed G3739 another, G3036 and stoned G3739 another.
  36 G3825 Again, G649 he sent G243 other G1401 servants G4119 more G4413 than the first: G4160 and they did G5615 to them likewise.
  37 G5305 But last G649 of all he sent G5207 to them his son, G3004 saying, G1788 They will reverence G5207 my son.
  38 G1092 But when the farmers G1492 saw G5207 the son, G2036 they said G1722 among G1438 themselves, G3778 This G2818 is the heir; G1205 come, G615 let us kill G2722 him, and let us seize G2817 on his inheritance.
  39 G2983 And they caught G1544 him, and cast G290 him out of the vineyard, G615 and slew him.
  40 G3752 When G2962 the lord G3767 therefore G290 of the vineyard G2064 comes, G5101 what G4160 will he do G1565 to those G1092 farmers?
  41 G3004 They say G2560 to him, He will miserably G622 destroy G846 those G2556 wicked G1554 men, and will let G290 out his vineyard G243 to other G1092 farmers, G3748 which G591 shall render G2590 him the fruits G2540 in their seasons.
  42 G2424 Jesus G3004 said G3763 to them, Did you never G314 read G1124 in the scriptures, G3037 The stone G3739 which G3618 the builders G593 rejected, G3778 the same G1096 is become G1519 G2776 the head G1137 of the corner: G3778 this G2962 is the Lord’s G1096 doing, G2298 and it is marvelous G3788 in our eyes?
  43 G1223 Therefore G5124 G3004 say G932 I to you, The kingdom G2316 of God G142 shall be taken G1325 from you, and given G1484 to a nation G4160 bringing G4160 forth G2590 the fruits G846 thereof.
  44 G3588 And whoever G4098 shall fall G1909 on G5126 this G3037 stone G4917 shall be broken: G1909 but on G3739 whomsoever G302 G4098 it shall fall, G3039 it will grind G3039 him to powder.
  45 G749 And when the chief G749 priests G5330 and Pharisees G191 had heard G3850 his parables, G1097 they perceived G3004 that he spoke of them.
  46 G2212 But when they sought G2902 to lay hands G5399 on him, they feared G3793 the multitude, G1894 because G2192 they took G4396 him for a prophet.