JMNT(i) 1 A scroll of a lineage and birth (or: genesis; origin; genealogy) of Jesus Christ (or: Jesus [the] Anointed One; = Jesus [the] Messiah) son of David; son of Abraham. [note: the term "son" can mean "a descendant," or, "one having the qualities and characteristics of"] 2 Abraham generated and became the father of Isaac; then Isaac produces Jacob, and then Jacob produced Judah and his brothers. 3 Now Judah produced Perez and Zerah from out of Tamar, then Perez produced Hezron, and Hezron begat Aram (= Ram). 4 Then Aram (Ram) produced Amminadab, Amminadab sired Nahshon, and Nahshon effected Salmon's birth. 5 Later Salmon generated Boaz from out of Rahab, then Boaz produced Obed from out of Ruth and Obed begat Jesse. 6 Now [it was] Jesse [who] effected the birth of David, the king. And then David caused the birth of Solomon from out of the woman (= wife) [that had] belonged to Uriah. 7 Later Solomon fathered Rehoboam, next Rehoboam begat Abijah, and Abijah generated Asa. 8 Now Asa effected the birth of Jehoshaphat (or: Joshaphat), then Jehoshaphat produced Jehoram and Jehoram caused the birth of Uzziah. 9 Later Uzziah produced Jotham, next Jotham begat Ahaz, then Ahaz generated Hezekiah. 10 Now Hezekiah produced Manasseh, Manasseh produced Amos (or: Amon), and Amos (Amon) begat Josiah. 11 Then Josiah generated Jechoniah and his brothers upon the [occasion of] the change of abode (= deportation and exile) to Babylon. 12 Now after the change of abode (deportation; exile) to Babylon, Jechoniah begat Shealtiel, then Shealtiel produced Zerubbabel, 13 Zerubbabel generated Abiud (or: Abihud), Abiud produced Eliakim, and Eliakim sired Azor. 14 Then Azor begets Zadok, Zadok produces Achim, and Achim fathers Eliud. 15 Later Eliud causes the birth of Eleazar, then Eleazar generates Matthan, and Matthan produces Jacob. 16 Now [it was] Jacob [who] fathered Joseph, the husband of Mary – from out of whom Jesus, the One being normally called Christ (or: termed Anointed [= Messiah]), was given birth. 17 Consequently, all the generation from Abraham until David [were] fourteen generations, and from David until the change of abode (the deportation and exile) to Babylon [were] fourteen generations, and from the change of abode to Babylon until the Christ [were] fourteen generations. 18 Now the birth (genesis; origin) of Jesus Christ was in this way: During her being engaged and pledged (contracted; espoused) in marriage to Joseph, before the [situation for] them to come together, Mary – His mother – was found continuing in holding One (as presently having [Him]) within [her] womb (= was discovered to be pregnant) from out of a Set-apart Breath-effect (or: from out of the midst of [the] Holy Spirit; or: from a Sacred Breath). 19 However Joseph, her husband, continuing in being a fair person (a just and righteous man who lived in accord with the Way pointed out, with fairness, equity and in right relationship with God and mankind), and not purposing, intending or wanting (or: being unwilling) to make a public show, exhibit or example of her, was disposed with a desire and a resolve to secretly (covertly; i.e., without witnesses or need of giving proof) loose her away (or: release and dismiss her; divorce her). 20 Yet during his inward passion about these things (his reflection on his emotions and in heated pondering of the situation with violent breathing) note and consider this!an agent of [the] Lord [= Yahweh's messenger], down from and in the sphere of (or: in accord with; in correspondence to; = in) a dream, was set in clear light and made to appear to him, then saying, "Joseph, son of David (= descendent of, or one with the qualities of, David), you should not be afraid (or: be caused to fear; be wary) to at once take to your side, accept and receive Mary [other MSS: Mariam], your wife! You see, the One within the midst of her, being generated and produced from out of Breath-effect (or: [the] Spirit) exists being (or: is) Set-apart and Holy (or: the One being brought to birth within her continues being forth from out of the midst of a Scared Breath as His origin). 21 "Now she will proceed giving birth to (or: will be bringing forth) a Son, and you will proceed calling His name Jesus [= Yeshua, or Joshua; in Hebrew: the Savior is Yahweh], for he will progressively restore His people to health and wholeness (will salvage, rescue, save and deliver His people and return them to their original state and condition), away from their failures to hit the target (from their mistakes, errors and sins)." 22 Now this whole [occurrence; situation] has happened and has come into existence to the end that the thing being spoken by [the] Lord [= Yahweh] through the prophet would (could) be fulfilled, [he] continually saying, 23 "Look and consider! The Virgin will proceed holding (having) one within the womb (= The young woman of marriageable age will become pregnant) and then will proceed giving birth to a Son, and they will repeatedly call His name 'Emmanuel,'" [Isa. 7:14] which is normally being translated and interpreted, "God [is] with us." (or: "God Himself {literally: The God} [is present] with us.") 24 Then Joseph, upon being awakened from sound sleep, did as the Lord's agent (= the messenger of Yahweh) had directed (or: arranged toward) him: he took his wife to his side (or: he accepted and received his wife; = married her and took her home), 25 and yet he continued having no intimate experience [with] or [sexual] knowing [of] her until [the situation] where she gave birth to a [other MSS: her firstborn] Son and he called His name Jesus [= Joshua: Yahweh is the Deliverer; the Healer-Restorer-Savior is Yahweh].