Matthew 19

JMNT(i) 1 And then it occurred, when Jesus finished these words (or: sayings; discourses), [that] He picked up and changed locations away from the Galilee [district] and went into the frontiers (or: boundary areas) of the Judean [district] on the other side of the Jordan [River]. 2 Crowds of many people also followed Him, so He tended, attentively served, gave treatment to, began therapy with, prescribed ongoing treatment for, or cured and healed them there. 3 Later, Pharisees came to Him, examining, testing and trying to put Him to the proof, as well as proceeding to ask if [a man] is normally allowed by Law and custom to loose-away (dismiss; divorce) his wife in correspondence to every cause (= for any sort of grounds or reason). [note: "every cause" was a technical term from current Jewish law that had been introduced by Rabbi Hillel; it allowed a man to divorce his wife if she did anything he disliked – even, e.g., for burning his food while cooking it] 4 So He, giving a discerning reply, said, "Do (or: Did) you men not read that the Creator (the Framer and Founder; [other MSS: the Maker]) 'makes (or: made) them male and female,' from [the] beginning? [Gen. 1:27; 5:2] 5 "Further on it said, For this reason a man (person; human) will completely leave behind the father and the mother, and he will be glued to and joined in his wife, and so the two will be existing progressively into one flesh'? [Gen. 2:24] 6 "Consequently, they no longer exist being two, but rather [are] one flesh. Therefore, what God yokes together (or: coupled together with a yoke), let no human proceed to be splitting apart or separating." 7 They proceeded saying to Him, "Why, then, did Moses impart the directive whose end in view was to give a little scroll of divorce (a standing-away; apostasy; defection) and to release her (or: loose her away)?" [Deut. 24:1, 3] 8 Jesus then answers them, "Moses, facing (or: with a view toward) your hardheartedness, completely turned directions and made concession to you people, allowing you to divorce your wives. Yet from [the] beginning it had not happened in this way. 9 "Now I am saying to you that whoever may loose-away or divorce his wife (or: woman) [when it is] not upon [the case of] infidelity (fornication; sexual misconduct) and then should marry another woman, he is continuing in committing adultery. Also, the man involved in marrying a woman having been divorced proceeds in committing adultery." [comment: Jesus here sides with Rabbi Shammai who held the earlier interpretation of Deut. 24:1-4 that marital unfaithfulness was the only cause for divorce] 10 The disciples are, one after another, saying to Him, "Since (or: If) the situation (or: predicament; case; or: cause for accusation) of the person (human) with the wife continues being thus, [then] to marry does not continue to bring things together for advantage or profit!" [comment: the disciples are apparently shocked that Jesus rejects the "every cause" form of divorce from the Hillel school] 11 Yet He said to them, "Not all people are proceeding to give way and spread themselves to make room for this message (word; idea; saying; = This does not apply to everyone), but only those in and to whom it has been given. 12 "You see, there are eunuchs (men in charge of a bedroom, usually having been castrated) who were born thus out of [their] mother's womb, and there are eunuchs who were made eunuchs (were emasculated) by people, and then there are eunuchs who made themselves eunuchs (emasculated themselves) because of the reign of the heavens (or: the kingdom of the atmospheres). Let the person continuing having power and ability to give way, spread themselves and make room, continue to be making room." [comment: Jesus is here rejecting the custom that all Jewish males are required to marry – a foreshadow of the impending new age – and then indicated that this is for those able to accept it] 13 At that point, young children were brought toward Him so that He would lay (or: could place) [His] hands upon them and would (or: might) pray [for them]. Yet the disciples gave to them a respectful but discouraging admonition. 14 However, Jesus said, "Let this event flow on! Stop preventing them and allow the young children to come toward Me, for you see, the reign and kingdom of the heavens (or: = the sovereignty of this atmosphere) belongs to and is comprised of such folks as these!" 15 So then, after placing [His] hands on them, He journeyed on His way from that place. 16 And now, consider this: One person, after approaching Him, said, "Teacher, what good shall I proceed doing (or, as a subjunctive: what virtuous act or excellent and worthwhile deed can I perform) to the end that I can hold and possess eonian life (life having the character and qualities of the Age and whose source is the Age; life for the ages)?" 17 So He said to him, "Why are you now proceeding in asking Me about the Good? One continuously exists being (or: is) the Good. (or: What do you now inquire of Me concerning 'goodness and virtue'? Excellence {Intrinsic value; Quality; Good; Virtue} is one {or: unity; oneness}.) Yet, if you continue desiring and intending to enter into the Life, continue habitually observing, guarding and keeping the implanted goals (impartation of the finished product within; inward directives)." 18 He then responds to Him, "Which (or: Which sort; Which ones)?" So Jesus affirms, "These: 'You will not continue committing murder. 'You will not continue committing adultery, 'You will not continue stealing. 'You will not continue bearing a false witness or giving a false testimony.' [Ex. 20:13] 19 -720'You will continue honoring and expressing value to the father and the mother.' [Ex. 20:12] 'You will continue loving the one near you (your neighbor and associate) as he were yourself,'" [Lev. 19:18] 20 The young man then replies to Him, "I keep watch over and maintain all these. What yet am I habitually lacking; where am I still deficient and falling behind?" 21 Jesus affirmed to him, "Since (of: If) you continue desiring and intending to be mature and perfect (= if you are serious about reaching the goal), humbly proceed going your way, at once sell the things of your subsistence (those things supporting you from your beginning and giving you authority; or: your possessions and belongings; or: the things currently at your disposal), and give [the proceeds] to the poor and destitute folks. Then you will continue holding and possessing treasure within the midst of heaven (or: in [your] atmosphere). After that, come here and be habitually following Me." 22 Now upon listening and hearing this message (word; idea; saying), the young man went away, progressively grieving and experiencing pain, for you see, he had been existing constantly having many acquisitions of possessions and properties (the results of many acquisitions). 23 So Jesus said to His disciples, "It is so (or: Truly; Count on it), I am now saying to you men, it is with things that are disagreeable and difficult for those who are hard to please that a rich and wealthy person will progressively enter into the reign of the heavens (or: the heavens' kingdom; or: the sovereign rule pertaining to the atmospheres). 24 "Now again (or: Furthermore), I continue saying to you folks, it is easier for a camel to squeeze through a needle's eye (hole) than for a rich, wealthy person to enter into God's reign (or: kingdom influence and sovereign activities)." 25 Now upon listening and hearing [this], the disciples continued for a while being exceedingly struck out of themselves (= surprised and astonished so as to be knocked out of their normal perceptions and assessments of life), one after another saying, "Who, consequently, is normally able to be kept safe or rescued (delivered or saved)?" 26 So Jesus, gazing at and seeing within [the group], says to them, "With humans (Alongside people) this continues being impossible. But with God (or: at God's side) all things [are] possible." 27 At that time Peter, making a considered response, said to Him, "Look at our [situation]. We, ourselves, abandoned all, letting everything flow away, and we follow You. What will there consequently (or: actually) continue being for us?" 28 So Jesus said to them, "It is true (or: Truly; Amen), I now am saying to you men, In the rebirth – when the Son of the Man (mankind's Son; = Adam's son; [or: the eschatological messianic figure]; or: the human) can sit upon the throne of His glory (or: the throne of his good reputation and manifestation which calls forth praise) you yourselves, the ones following Me, will continue sitting down – even you, upon twelve thrones – continuously separating [issues], making decisions and administering justice for the twelve tribes of Israel. 29 "And further, everyone – whoever, on account of My Name, abandons or lets flow away houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields – will continually receive many times more [other MSS: a hundred times as much], and he will be progressively inheriting, and enjoying an allotment of, eonian life (life from and with the character and quality of the Age [of the Messiah]; or: life of and for the ages). 30 "Now many folks [being] first ones will proceed being last ones – and [many] last ones [will be] first ones.