Matthew 19

Great(i) 1 And it came to passe that when Iesus had fynisshed these sayinges, he gat hym from Galile, & came into the coastes of Iewry beyonde Iordan, 2 & moche people folowed hym, & he healed them there. 3 The Pharises also came vnto him temptinge him, & saying vnto him: Is it lawfull for a man to make a deuorcement wt his wyfe for any maner of cause? 4 He answered & sayd vnto them: Haue ye not red, how that he which made man at the begynnynge made them man & woman: 5 & sayd, for thys cause shall a man leaue father & mother, & shall cleue vnto hys wyfe, & they twayne shalbe one flesshe. 6 Wherfore now, they are not twayne, but one flesshe. Let not man therfore put a sunder, that whych God hath coupled together. 7 They saye vnto hym: why dyd Moses then commaunde to geue a testimoniall of dyuorsement, & to put her awaye? 8 He sayde vnto them: Moses (because of the hardnes of youre hertes) suffered you to put awaye youre wyfes: But from the beginnyng it was not so. 9 I saye vnto you: whosoeuer putteth awaye his wyfe (except it be for fornicacion) & marieth another, breaketh wedlocke. And whoso marieth her whych is deuorsed, doeth commyt aduoutry. 10 Hys disciples saye vnto him: yf the mater be so betwene man & wyfe, then is it not good to mary. 11 He sayd vnto them: all men cannot comprehend this saying saue they to whom it is geuen: 12 for ther are some chaste whych are so borne out of their mothers wombe. And ther are some chaste, which be made chaste of men. And ther be chaste, which haue made them selues chaste for the kyngdome of heuens sake. He that can comprehende it, let him comprehend it. 13 Then were there brought vnto hym yonge chyldren, that he shuld put hys handes on them, & praye. And the disciples rebuked them. 14 But Iesus sayde vnto them: suffre the chyldren & forbid them not to come vnto me: for of soch is the kyngdom of heauen. 15 And when he had put hys handes on them, he departed thence. 16 And beholde, one came, & sayd vnto him: good master, what good thynge shall I do that I maye haue eternall lyfe? 17 He sayd vnto him: why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, & that is God. But yf thou wilt entre into lyfe, kepe the commaundementes. 18 He sayeth vnto hym. Whych? Iesus sayde Thou shalt not commit manslaughter. Thou shalt not commyt aduoutrye: Thou shalt not steale: Thou shalt not beare false witnes: 19 honoure father and mother: and thou shalt loue thyne neybour as thy selfe. 20 The younge man sayeth vnto him: All these thinges haue I kepte from my youth vp: what lacke I yet? 21 Iesus sayd vnto hym, yf thou wilt be perfecte go & sell that thou hast, & geue to the poore, & shall haue treasure in heauen, & come & folowe me. 22 But when the younge man herde that saying, he went awaye sorye. For he had grete possessyons. 23 Then Iesus sayd vnto his disciples: Uerely I say vnto you: it shalbe harde for the ryche to enter into the kingdom of heauen. 24 And agayne I saye vnto you: it is easyer for a camell to go through the eye of a nedle, then for the ryche to enter into the kyngdom of God. 25 When the disciples hearde this, they were excedindly amased, saying: who than can be saued? 26 But Iesus behelde them, and sayd vnto them: wyth men this is vnpossyble but wt God all thynges are possyble. 27 Then answered Peter, & sayd vnto him: Beholde we haue forsaken all, and folowed the, what shall we haue therfore? 28 Iesus sayd vnto them: verely I saye vnto you: that when the sonne of man shall syt in the seate of hys maiestye, ye that haue folowed me in there generacyon shall syt also vpon .xij. seates, & iudge the .xij. trybes of Israel. 29 And euery one that forsaketh house, or brethren, or systers, or father, or mother, or wyfe, or chyldren, or landes, for my names sake, shall receaue an hundred folde, & shall inheret euerlastynge lyfe. 30 But many that are fyrst, shalbe last and the last shalbe fyrst.