Genesis 34

  1 H1783 And Dinah H1323 the daughter H3812 of Leah, H3205 which she gave birth to H3290 unto Jacob, H3318 went out H7200 to see H1323 the daughters H776 of the land.
  2 H7927 And when Shechem H1121 the son H2544 of Hamor H2340 the Hivite, H5387 prince H776 of the country, H7200 saw H3947 her, he took H7901 her, and lay H6031 with her, and defiled her.
  3 H5315 And his soul H1692 joined H1783 unto Dinah H1323 the daughter H3290 of Jacob, H157 and he loved H5291 the damsel, H1696 and spoke H3820 kindly H5291 unto the damsel.
  4 H7927 And Shechem H559 spoke H1 unto his father H2544 Hamor, H559 saying, H3947 Get H3207 me this girl H802 to wife.
  5 H3290 And Jacob H8085 heard H2930 that he had defiled H1783 Dinah H1323 his daughter: H1121 now his sons H4735 were with his cattle H7704 in the field: H3290 and Jacob H2790 held his peace H935 until they were come.
  6 H2544 And Hamor H1 the father H7927 of Shechem H3318 went out H3290 unto Jacob H1696 to speak H854 with him.
  7 H1121 And the sons H3290 of Jacob H935 came H7704 out of the field H8085 when they heard H582 it: and the men H6087 were grieved, H3966 and they were very H2734 angry, H6213 because he had done H5039 wickedness H3478 in Israel H7901 in lying H3290 with Jacob's H1323 daughter; H6213 which thing ought not to be done.
  8 H2544 And Hamor H1696 spoke H559 with them, saying, H5315 The soul H1121 of my son H7927 Shechem H2836 longs H1323 for your daughter: H5414 I pray you give H802 her him to wife.
  9 H2859 And make you marriages H5414 with us, and give H1323 your daughters H3947 unto us, and take H1323 our daughters unto you.
  10 H3427 And you shall live H776 with us: and the land H1961 shall be H6440 before you; H3427 live H5503 and trade H270 you in it and get you possessions in it
  11 H7927 And Shechem H559 said H1 unto her father H251 and unto her brothers, H4672 Let me find H2580 grace H5869 in your eyes, H559 and what you shall say H5414 unto me I will give.
  12 H7235 Ask H3966 me ever so much H4119 dowry H4976 and gift, H5414 and I will give H559 according as you shall say H5414 unto me: but give H5291 me the damsel H802 to wife.
  13 H1121 And the sons H3290 of Jacob H6030 answered H7927 Shechem H2544 and Hamor H1 his father H4820 deceitfully, H1696 and said, H2930 because he had defiled H1783 Dinah H269 their sister:
  14 H559 And they said H3808 unto them, We cannot H6213 do H1697 this thing, H5414 to give H269 our sister H376 to one H6190 that is uncircumcised; H2781 for that were a reproach unto us:
  15 H2063 But in this H225 will we consent H2145 unto you: If you will be as we be, that every male H4135 of you be circumcised;
  16 H5414 Then will we give H1323 our daughters H3947 unto you, and we will take H1323 your daughters H3427 to us, and we will live H259 with you, and we will become one H5971 people.
  17 H8085 But if you will not listen H4135 unto us, to be circumcised; H3947 then will we take H1323 our daughter, H1980 and we will be gone.
  18 H1697 And their words H3190 pleased H2544 Hamor, H7927 and Shechem H2544 Hamor's H1121 son.
  19 H5288 And the young man H309 waited H6213 not to do H1697 the thing, H2654 because he had delight H3290 in Jacob's H1323 daughter: H3513 and he was more honourable H1004 than all the house H1 of his father.
  20 H2544 And Hamor H7927 and Shechem H1121 his son H935 came H8179 unto the gate H5892 of their city, H1696 and spoke H582 with the men H5892 of their city, H559 saying,
  21 H582 These men H8003 are peaceful H854 with H3427 us; therefore let them live H776 in the land, H5503 and trade H776 in it for the land, H7342 behold, it is large H3027 enough H6440 for them; H3947 let us take H1323 their daughters H802 to us for wives, H5414 and let us give H1323 them our daughters.
  22 H2063 Only if H582 will the men H225 consent H3427 unto us for to live H259 with us, to be one H5971 people, H2145 if every male H4135 among us be circumcised, H4135 as they are circumcised.
  23 H4735 Shall not their cattle H7075 and their substance H929 and every animal H225 of theirs be ours? only let us consent H3427 unto them, and they will live with us.
  24 H2544 And unto Hamor H7927 and unto Shechem H1121 his son H8085 listened H3318 all that went out H8179 of the gate H5892 of his city; H2145 and every male H4135 was circumcised, H3318 all that went out H8179 of the gate H5892 of his city.
  25 H7992 And it came to pass on the third H3117 day, H3510 when they were sore, H8147 that two H1121 of the sons H3290 of Jacob, H8095 Simeon H3878 and Levi, H1783 Dinah's H251 brothers, H3947 took H376 each man H2719 his sword, H935 and came H5892 upon the city H983 boldly, H2026 and killed H2145 all the males.
  26 H2026 And they killed H2544 Hamor H7927 and Shechem H1121 his son H6310 with the edge H2719 of the sword, H3947 and took H1783 Dinah H3947 out H7927 of Shechem's H1004 house, H3318 and went out.
  27 H1121 The sons H3290 of Jacob H935 came H2491 upon the dead, H962 and spoiled H5892 the city, H2930 because they had defiled H269 their sister.
  28 H3947 They took H6629 their sheep, H1241 and their oxen, H2543 and their donkeys, H5892 and that which was in the city, H7704 and that which was in the field,
  29 H2428 And all their wealth, H2945 and all their little ones, H802 and their wives H7617 took they captive, H962 and spoiled H1004 even all that was in the house.
  30 H3290 And Jacob H559 said H8095 to Simeon H3878 and Levi, H5916 you have troubled H887 me to make me to stink H3427 among the inhabitants H776 of the land, H3669 among the Canaanites H6522 and the Perizzites: H4962 and I being few H4557 in number, H622 they shall gather themselves together H5221 against me, and slay me; H8045 and I shall be destroyed, H1004 I and my house.
  31 H559 And they said, H6213 Should he deal H269 with our sister H2181 as with a prostitute?