Genesis 35

  1 H430 And God H559 said H3290 to Jacob, H6965 Arise, H5927 go up H1008 to Beth–el, H3427 and live H6213 there: and make H4196 there an altar H410 to God, H7200 that appeared H1272 to you when you fled H6440 from the face H6215 of Esau H251 your brother.
  2 H3290 Then Jacob H559 said H1004 to his household, H5493 and to all that were with him, Put away H5236 the strange H430 gods H8432 that are among you, H2891 and be clean, H2498 and change H8071 your garments:
  3 H6965 And let us arise, H5927 and go up H1008 to Beth–el; H6213 and I will make H4196 there an altar H410 to God, H6030 who answered H3117 me in the day H6869 of my distress, H1870 and was with me in the way H1980 which I went.
  4 H5414 And they gave H3290 to Jacob H5236 all the strange H430 gods H3027 which were in their hand, H5141 and all their earrings H241 which were in their ears; H3290 and Jacob H2934 hid H424 them under the oak H7927 which was by Shechem.
  5 H5265 And they journeyed: H2847 and the terror H430 of God H5892 was upon the cities H5439 that were round about H7291 them, and they did not pursue H310 after H1121 the sons H3290 of Jacob.
  6 H3290 So Jacob H935 came H3870 to Luz, H776 which is in the land H3667 of Canaan, H1008 that is, Beth–el, H5971 he and all the people that were with him.
  7 H1129 And he built H4196 there an altar, H7121 and called H4725 the place H416 El–beth–el: H430 because there God H1540 appeared H1272 to him, when he fled H6440 from the face H251 of his brother.
  8 H1683 But Deborah H7259 Rebekah's H3243 nurse H4191 died, H6912 and she was buried H1008 beneath Beth–el H437 under an oak: H8034 and the name H7121 of it was called H439 Allon–bachuth.
  9 H430 And God H7200 appeared H3290 to Jacob H935 again, when he came H6307 out of Padan–aram, H1288 and blessed him.
  10 H430 And God H559 said H8034 to him, your name H3290 is Jacob: H8034 your name H7121 shall not be called H3290 any more Jacob, H3478 but Israel H8034 shall be your name: H7121 and he called H8034 his name H3478 Israel.
  11 H430 And God H559 said H410 to him, I am God H7706 Almighty: H6509 be fruitful H7235 and multiply; H1471 a nation H6951 and a company H1471 of nations H4428 shall be of you and kings H3318 shall come H2504 out of your body;
  12 H776 And the land H5414 which I gave H85 Abraham H3327 and Isaac, H5414 to you I will give it, H2233 and to your seed H310 after you H5414 will I give H776 the land.
  13 H430 And God H5927 went up H4725 from him in the place H1696 where he talked with him.
  14 H3290 And Jacob H5324 set up H4676 a pillar H4725 in the place H1696 where he talked H4678 with him, even a pillar H68 of stone: H5258 and he poured H5262 a drink offering H3332 on it and he poured H8081 oil on it
  15 H3290 And Jacob H7121 called H8034 the name H4725 of the place H430 where God H1696 spoke H1008 with him, Beth–el.
  16 H5265 And they journeyed H1008 from Beth–el; H5750 and there was but H3530 a little H776 way H935 to come H672 to Ephrath: H7354 and Rachel H3205 travailed, H7185 and she had hard H3205 labor.
  17 H7185 And it came to pass, when she was in hard H3205 labor, H3205 that the midwife H559 said H3372 to her, Fear H1121 not; you shall have this son also.
  18 H5315 And it came to pass, as her soul H3318 was in departing, H4191 (for she died H7121 ) that she called H8034 his name H1126 Ben–oni: H1 but his father H7121 called H1144 him Benjamin.
  19 H7354 And Rachel H4191 died, H6912 and was buried H1870 in the way H672 to Ephrath, H1035 which is Beth–lehem.
  20 H3290 And Jacob H5324 set H4676 a pillar H6900 upon her grave: H4678 that is the pillar H7354 of Rachel's H6900 grave H3117 to this day.
  21 H3478 And Israel H5265 journeyed, H5186 and spread H168 his tent H1973 beyond H4026 the tower H4029 of Edar.
  22 H3478 And it came to pass, when Israel H7931 lived H776 in that land, H7205 that Reuben H3212 went H7901 and lay H1090 with Bilhah H1 his father's H6370 concubine: H3478 and Israel H8085 heard H1121 it. Now the sons H3290 of Jacob H8147 were twelve:
  23 H1121 The sons H3812 of Leah; H7205 Reuben, H3290 Jacob's H1060 firstborn, H8095 and Simeon, H3878 and Levi, H3063 and Judah, H3485 and Issachar, H2074 and Zebulun:
  24 H1121 The sons H7354 of Rachel; H3130 Joseph, H1144 and Benjamin:
  25 H1121 And the sons H1090 of Bilhah, H7354 Rachel's H8198 handmaid; H1835 Dan, H5321 and Naphtali:
  26 H1121 And the sons H2153 of Zilpah, H3812 Leah's H8198 handmaid; H1410 Gad, H836 and Asher: H1121 these are the sons H3290 of Jacob, H3205 which were born H6307 to him in Padan–aram.
  27 H3290 And Jacob H935 came H3327 to Isaac H1 his father H4471 to Mamre, H7153 to the city of Arbah, H2275 which is Hebron, H85 where Abraham H3327 and Isaac H1481 stayed.
  28 H3117 And the days H3327 of Isaac H3967 were a hundred H8084 and eighty H8141 years.
  29 H3327 And Isaac H1478 gave up the Spirit, H4191 and died, H622 and was gathered H5971 to his people, H2205 being old H7649 and full H3117 of days: H1121 and his sons H6215 Esau H3290 and Jacob H6912 buried him.