Deuteronomy 8:10-20

  10 H398 And thou shalt eat H7646 and be full, H1288 and thou shalt bless H3068 Jehovah H430 thy God H2896 for the good H776 land H5414 which he hath given thee.
  11 H8104 Beware H7911 lest thou forget H3068 Jehovah H430 thy God, H8104 in not keeping H4687 his commandments, H4941 and his ordinances, H2708 and his statutes, H6680 which I command H3117 thee this day:
  12 H398 lest, when thou hast eaten H7646 and art full, H1129 and hast built H2896 goodly H1004 houses, H3427 and dwelt therein;
  13 H1241 and when thy herds H6629 and thy flocks H7235 multiply, H3701 and thy silver H2091 and thy gold H7235 is multiplied, H7235 and all that thou hast is multiplied;
  14 H3824 then thy heart H7311 be lifted up, H7911 and thou forget H3068 Jehovah H430 thy God, H3318 who brought thee forth H776 out of the land H4714 of Egypt, H1004 out of the house H5650 of bondage;
  15 H3212 who led H1419 thee through the great H3372 and terrible H4057 wilderness, H8314 wherein were fiery H5175 serpents H6137 and scorpions, H6774 and thirsty H4325 ground where was no water; H3318 who brought thee forth H4325 water H6697 out of the rock H2496 of flint;
  16 H398 who fed H4057 thee in the wilderness H4478 with manna, H1 which thy fathers H3045 knew H6031 not; that he might humble H5254 thee, and that he might prove H3190 thee, to do thee good H319 at thy latter end:
  17 H559 and lest thou say H3824 in thy heart, H3581 My power H6108 and the might H3027 of my hand H6213 hath gotten H2428 me this wealth.
  18 H2142 But thou shalt remember H3068 Jehovah H430 thy God, H5414 for it is he that giveth H3581 thee power H6213 to get H2428 wealth; H6965 that he may establish H1285 his covenant H7650 which he sware H1 unto thy fathers, H3117 as at this day.
  19 H7911 And it shall be, if thou shalt H7911 forget H3068 Jehovah H430 thy God, H1980 and walk H310 after H312 other H430 gods, H5647 and serve H7812 them, and worship H5749 them, I testify H3117 against you this day H6 that ye shall surely H6 perish.
  20 H1471 As the nations H3068 that Jehovah H6 maketh to perish H6440 before you, H6 so shall ye perish; H6118 because H8085 ye would not hearken H6963 unto the voice H3068 of Jehovah H430 your God.