Deuteronomy 8:10-20

Tyndale(i) 10 When thou hast eaten therfore and filled thy selfe, then blesse the Lord for the good lond which he hath geuen the. 11 But bewarre that thou forgett not the Lorde thy God, that thou woldest not kepe his comaundmentes, lawes and ordinaunces which I commaunde the this daye: 12 yee and when thou hast eate ad filled thy selfe ad hast bylt goodly housses ad dwelt therin, 13 ad when thy beesse ad thy shepe are waxed manye ad thy syluer ad golde is multiplied 14 ad all that thou hast encreased, then bewarre lest thine herte ryse ad thou fotgett the Lorde thy God which brought the out of the londe of Egipte the housse of bondage, 15 ad which led the in the wildernesse both greate ad terreble with firye serpentes ad scorpios ad thurste where was no water which brought the water out of the rocke of flynt: 16 whiche fed the in the wildernesse with Man where of thy fathers knewe not, for to humble the and to proue the, that he might doo the good at thy later ende. 17 And beware that thou saye not in thine herte, my power and the might of myne awne hade hath done me all these actes: 18 But remembre the Lorde thy God, how that it is he which gaue the power to do mafully, for to make good the promesse which he sware vnto thy fathers, as it is come to passe this daye, 19 For yf thou shalt forget the Lorde thy god and shalt walke after straunge goddes and serue them and worsheppe them, I testyfye vnto you this daye, that ye shall surely perysh. 20 As the nacyons whiche the Lorde destroyeth before the, euen so ye shall peryshe, because ye wolde not herken vnto the voyce of the Lord youre God.