2 Samuel 12:1-4

  1 H3068 And Jehovah H7971 sent H5416 Nathan H1732 unto David. H935 And he came H559 unto him, and said H8147 unto him, There were two H582 men H259 in one H5892 city; H259 the one H6223 rich, H259 and the other H7326 poor.
  2 H6223 The rich H3966 man had exceeding H7235 many H6629 flocks H1241 and herds;
  3 H7326 but the poor H259 man had nothing, save one H6996 little H3535 ewe lamb, H7069 which he had bought H2421 and nourished up: H1431 and it grew up H3162 together H1121 with him, and with his children; H398 it did eat H6595 of his own morsel, H8354 and drank H3563 of his own cup, H7901 and lay H2436 in his bosom, H1323 and was unto him as a daughter.
  4 H935 And there came H1982 a traveller H6223 unto the rich H376 man, H2550 and he spared H3947 to take H6629 of his own flock H1241 and of his own herd, H6213 to dress H732 for the wayfaring man H935 that was come H3947 unto him, but took H7326 the poor H376 man's H3535 lamb, H6213 and dressed H376 it for the man H935 that was come to him.