2 Samuel 12:1-4

Matthew(i) 1 And the Lorde sent Nathan vnto Dauid. And he came vnto hym & sayde vnto hym: there were .ij. men in one cytye, a ryche and a poore. 2 And the ryche had excedyng great aboundaunce of shepe and oxen. 3 But the pore had nothynge saue one lytle lamb which he bought & noryshed vp. And it grew vp with hym and hys chyldren, and dyd eate of hys owne meate and drancke of hys owne cuppe, and slept in hys bosome, & was as dere vnto hym as hys doughter. 4 And there came a straunger vnto the ryche man. And he coulde not fynde in hys herte to take of hys owne shepe nor of hys beastes to dresse for the straunger that was come vnto hym. But toke the pore mannes lambe, and dressed it for the man that was come to hym.