Romans 14

  1 G3588 But the one G1161   G770 being weak G3588 in the G4102 belief G4355 take to yourselves! G3361 not G1519 for G1253 distinction G1261 of arguings.
  2 G3739 Indeed one G3303   G4100 trusts G2068 to eat G3956 all things; G3588 and the one G1161   G770 being weak G3001 [2vegetables G2068 1eats].
  3 G3588 The one G2068 eating, G3588 [2the one G3361 3not G2068 4eating G3361 1treat not with contempt]! G1848   G2532 and G3588 the one G3361 not G2068 eating, G3588 [2the one G2068 3eating G3361 1judge not]! G2919   G3588   G2316 for God G1063   G1473 received him to himself. G4355  
  4 G1473 [3you G5100 1Who G1510.2.2 2are], G3588 the one G2919 judging G245 a stranger's G3610 servant? G3588 To G2398 his own G2962 master G4739 he stands G2228 or G4098 falls, G2476 but he shall be established; G1161   G1415 [4able G1063 1for G1510.2.3 3is G3588   G2316 2God] G2476 to establish G1473 him.
  5 G3739 The one who indeed G3303   G2919 judges G2250 a day G3844 over G2250 a day, G3739 and who G1161   G2919 judges G3956 every G2250 day -- G1538 [2each G1722 4in G3588   G2398 5his own G3563 6mind G4135 1let 3have full assurance]!
  6 G3588 The one G5426 regarding G3588 the G2250 day, G2962 regards it to the Lord; G5426   G2532 and G3588 the one G3361 not G5426 regarding G3588 the G2250 day, G2962 [2to the Lord G3756 1regards it not]. G5426   G3588 The one G2068 eating, G2962 eats to the Lord, G2068   G2168 for he gives thanks G1063   G3588 to G2316 God; G2532 and G3588 the one G3361 not G2068 eating, G2962 [2to the Lord G3756 1eats not], G2068   G2532 and G2168 he gives thanks G3588 to G2316 God.
  7 G3762 For not one G1063   G1473 of us G1438 lives to himself, G2198   G2532 and G3762 no one G1438 dies to himself. G599  
  8 G1437 [2if G5037 3both G1063 1For] G2198 we should live, G3588 [2to the G2962 3Lord G2198 1we should live]; G1437 and if G5037   G599 we should die, G3588 [2to the G2962 3Lord G599 1we should die]. G1437 If G5037 both G3767 then G2198 we should live, G1437 and if G5037   G599 we should die, G3588 [2of the G2962 3Lord G1510.2.4 1we are].
  9 G1519 For, G3778 for this G1063   G5547 Christ G2532 both G599 died, G2532 and G450 rose up, G2532 and G2198 lived, G2443 that G2532 both G3498 the dead G2532 and G2198 living G2961 he should lord over.
  10 G1473 But you, G1161   G5100 why G2919 do you judge G3588   G80 your brother? G1473   G2228 or G2532 also G1473 why do you G5100   G1848 treat with contempt G3588   G80 your brother? G1473   G3956 for all G1063   G3936 of us shall stand before G3588 the G968 rostrum G3588 of the G5547 Christ.
  11 G1125 For it has been written, G1063   G2198 As I live, G1473   G3004 says G2962 the Lord, G3754 that G1473 to me G2578 [3shall bend G3956 1every G1119 2knee], G2532 and G3956 every G1100 tongue G1843 shall make acknowledgment G3588 to G2316 God.
  12 G686 So G3767 then G1538 each G1473 of us G4012 concerning G1438 himself G3056 [2account G1325 1shall give] G3588 to G2316 God.
  13 G3371 No longer G3767 then G240 [2one another G2919 1should we judge]. G235 But G3778 this G2919 judge G3123 rather! G3588   G3361 to not G5087 put G4348 an occasion of stumbling G3588 to the G80 brother G2228 or G4625 an obstacle!
  14 G1492 I know G2532 and G3982 am persuaded G1722 in G2962 the Lord G* Jesus, G3754 that G3762 nothing G2839 is profane G1223 of G1473 itself; G1508 except G3588 to the one G3049 considering G5100 anything G2839 to be profane, G1510.1   G1565 to that one G2839 it is profane.
  15 G1487 But if G1161   G1223 on account of G1033 food G3588   G80 your brother G1473   G3076 frets, G3765 no longer G2596 [2according to G26 3love G4043 1do you walk]. G3361 Do not G3588   G1033 [3by your food G1473   G1565 2that one G622 1destroy], G5228 for G3739 of whom G5547 Christ G599 died!
  16 G3361 Let not be blasphemed G987   G3767 then G1473 your G3588   G18 good!
  17 G3756 For not G1063   G1510.2.3 is G3588 the G932 kingdom G3588   G2316 of God G1035 food G2532 and G4213 drink, G235 but G1343 righteousness G2532 and G1515 peace G2532 and G5479 joy G1722 in G4151 [2spirit G39 1holy].
  18 G3588 For the one G1063   G1722 [4in G3778 5these things G1398 1serving G3588 2the G5547 3Christ] G2101 is well-pleasing G3588   G2316 to God, G2532 and G1384 approved G3588   G444 by men.
  19 G686 So G3767 then G3588 the things G3588   G1515 of peace G1377 we should pursue, G2532 and G3588 the things G3588 of the G3619 edifying G3588 the thing G1519 for G240 one another.
  20 G3361 Do not G1752 [5because of G1033 6food G2647 1destroy G3588 2the G2041 3work G3588   G2316 4of God]. G3956 All things G3303 indeed G2513 are pure, G235 but G2556 it is evil G3588 to the G444 man G3588   G1223 [2by G4348 3an occasion of stumbling someone G2068 1 who eats].
  21 G2570 It is good G3588   G3361 to not G2068 eat G2907 meats, G3366 nor G4095 to drink G3631 wine, G3366 nor anything G1722 in G3739 which G3588   G80 your brother G1473   G4350 stumbles against, G2228 or G4624 be caused to stumble, G2228 or G770 is weak.
  22 G1473 You G4102 [2belief G2192 1have]? G2596 According to G4572 yourself G2192 have it G1799 before G3588   G2316 God! G3107 Blessed is G3588 the one G3361 not G2919 judging G1438 himself G1722 in G3739 what G1381 he distinguishes.
  23 G3588 But the one G1161   G1252 scrutinizing, G1437 if G2068 he should eat, G2632 has been condemned, G3754 for G3756 it is not G1537 of G4102 belief; G3956 and everything G1161   G3739 which G3756 is not G1537 of G4102 belief G266 is sin. G1510.2.3