1 Thessalonians

  1 G* Paul, G2532 and G* Silas, G2532 and G* Timothy, G3588 to the G1577 assembly G* of Thessalonians, G1722 in G2316 God G3962 the father, G2532 and G2962 in the Lord G* Jesus G5547 Christ. G5484 Favor G1473 to you, G2532 and G1515 peace G575 from G2316 God G3962 our father, G1473   G2532 and G2962 the Lord G* Jesus G5547 Christ.
  2 G2168 We give thanks G3588 to G2316 God G3842 at all times G4012 concerning G3956 all G1473 of you, G3417 [2mention G1473 3of you G4160 1making] G1909 in G3588   G4335 our prayers; G1473  
  3 G89 continually G3421 remembering G1473 your G3588   G2041 work G3588 of the G4102 belief, G2532 and G3588 the G2873 toil G3588 of the G26 love, G2532 and G3588 the G5281 endurance G3588 of the G1680 hope G3588   G2962 of our Lord G1473   G* Jesus G5547 Christ, G1715 before G3588   G2316 [2God G2532 3and G3962 4father G1473 1our].
  4 G1492 Knowing G80 brethren, G25 O ones being loved G5259 by G2316 God, G3588   G1589 of your selection, G1473  
  5 G3754 that G3588   G2098 our good news G1473   G3756 did not G1096 take place G1519 in G1473 you G1722 in G3056 word G3440 only, G235 but G2532 also G1722 in G1411 power, G2532 and G1722 in G4151 [2spirit G39 1holy], G2532 and G1722 in G4136 [2full assurance G4183 1much]; G2531 as G1492 you know G3634 what G1096 we became G1722 among G1473 you G1223 for G1473 you.
  6 G2532 And G1473 you G3402 [2imitators G1473 3of us G1096 1became], G2532 and G3588 of the G2962 Lord, G1209 having received G3588 the G3056 word G1722 in G2347 [2affliction G4183 1much], G3326 with G5479 joy G4151 [2spirit G39 1of holy],
  7 G5620 so that G1096 you became G1473   G5179 models G3956 to all G3588 the ones G4100 believing G1722 in G3588   G* Macedonia G2532 and G3588   G* Achaia.
  8 G575 [2from G1473 3you G1063 1For G1837 8has resounded G3588 4the G3056 5word G3588 6of the G2962 7Lord], G3756 not G3440 only G1722 in G3588   G* Macedonia G2532 but G1722 in G* Achaia. G235 But G2532 also G1722 in G3956 every G5117 place G3588 the G4102 belief G1473 of yours, G3588 the one G4314 towards G3588   G2316 God, G1831 has gone forth, G5620 so as G3361 [3no G5532 4need G1473 1for us G2192   G2192 2to have] G2980 to say G5100 anything.
  9 G1473 For they themselves G1063   G4012 [2concerning G1473 3us G518 1report] G3697 as to like what G1529 introduction G2192 we had G4314 towards G1473 you, G2532 and G4459 how G1994 you turned G4314 to G3588   G2316 God G575 from G3588 the G1497 idols, G1398 to serve G2316 [4God G2198 1a living G2532 2and G228 3true],
  10 G2532 and G362 to await G3588   G5207 his son G1473   G1537 from out of G3588 the G3772 heavens, G3739 whom G1453 he raised G1537 from G3498 the dead -- G* Jesus, G3588 the one G4506 rescuing G1473 us G575 from G3588 the G3709 [2wrath G3588   G2064 1coming].