1 Thessalonians

Matthew(i) 1 Paule, Siluanus, and Tymotheus. Vnto the congregation of the Thessalonyans in God the father, and in the lord Iesus Christ. Grace be with you, & peace from God our father, & from the Lord Iesus Christ. 2 We geue God thankes alwayes for you all, makinge mention of you in oure prayers 3 wythoute ceasinge, and cal to remembraunce your worke the fayth, and laboure in loue & perseueraunce in the hope of our Lord Iesus Christ, in the syght of God oure father, 4 because we know brethren beloued of God, how that ye are electe. 5 For oure Gospell came not to you in worde onelye, but also in power, and in the holye Ghoste, and in muche certaintie, as ye know after what maner we behaued our selues among you, for your sakes. 6 And ye became folowers of vs and of the Lord, and receyued the worde with much affliccion, with ioye of the holye ghoste: 7 so that ye were an ensample to al that beleue in Macedonia and Achaia. 8 For from you sounded out the worde of the Lord, not in Macedonia & in Achaia onelye: but your fayth also which ye haue vnto God, sprede her selfe abrode in all quarters, so greatlye that it neadeth not vs to speake any thynge at all. 9 For they them selues shewe of you, what maner of entering in we had vnto you, and howe ye turned vnto God from Images, for to serue the liuing and true God, 10 and for to loke for hys sonne from heauen, whom he raised from death. I meane Iesus which deliuered vs from wrath to come.