Psalms 144

  1 H1288 [H8803] Blessed H3068 be the LORD H6697 my strength, H3925 [H8764] who teacheth H3027 my hands H7128 to war, H676 and my fingers H4421 to fight:
  2 H2617 My goodness, H4686 and my fortress; H4869 my high tower, H6403 [H8764] and my deliverer; H4043 my shield, H2620 [H8804] and he in whom I trust; H7286 [H8802] who subdueth H5971 my people under me.
  3 H3068 LORD, H120 what is man, H3045 [H8799] that thou takest knowledge H1121 of him! or the son H582 of man, H2803 [H8762] that thou makest account of him!
  4 H120 Man H1819 [H8804] is like H1892 vanity: H3117 his days H6738 are as a shadow H5674 [H8802] that passeth away.
  5 H5186 [H8685] Bow H8064 thy heavens, H3068 O LORD, H3381 [H8799] and come down: H5060 [H8798] touch H2022 the mountains, H6225 [H8799] and they shall smoke.
  6 H1299 [H8798] Cast forth H1300 lightning, H6327 [H8686] and scatter H7971 [H8798] them: shoot H2671 thy arrows, H2000 [H8799] and destroy them.
  7 H7971 [H8798] Send H3027 thy hand H4791 from above; H6475 [H8798] rid H5337 [H8685] me, and deliver H7227 me out of great H4325 waters, H3027 from the hand H5236 H1121 of foreigners;
  8 H6310 Whose mouth H1696 [H8765] speaketh H7723 vanity, H3225 and their right hand H3225 is a right hand H8267 of falsehood.
  9 H7891 [H8799] I will sing H2319 a new H7892 song H430 to thee, O God: H5035 upon a psaltery H6218 and an instrument of ten strings H2167 [H8762] will I sing praises to thee.
  10 H5414 [H8802] It is he that giveth H8668 salvation H4428 to kings: H6475 [H8802] who delivereth H1732 David H5650 his servant H7451 from the hurtful H2719 sword.
  11 H6475 [H8798] Rid H5337 [H8685] me, and deliver H3027 me from the hand H5236 H1121 of foreigners, H6310 whose mouth H1696 [H8765] speaketh H7723 vanity, H3225 and their right hand H3225 is a right hand H8267 of falsehood:
  12 H1121 That our sons H5195 may be as plants H1431 [H8794] grown up H5271 in their youth; H1323 that our daughters H2106 may be as corner stones, H2404 [H8794] polished H8403 after the similitude H1964 of a palace:
  13 H4200 That our barns H4392 may be full, H6329 [H8688] affording H2177 all manner of store: H6629 that our sheep H503 [H8688] may bring forth thousands H7231 [H8794] and ten thousands H2351 in our streets:
  14 H441 That our oxen H5445 [H8794] may be strong to labour; H6556 that there be no breaking in, H3318 [H8802] nor going out; H6682 that there be no complaining H7339 in our streets.
  15 H835 Happy H5971 is that people, H3602 that is in such a case: H835 yea, happy H5971 is that people, H430 whose God H3068 is the LORD.