Psalms 144

Wycliffe(i) 1 The title of the hundrid and foure and fourtithe salm. `The ympne of Dauith. Mi God king, Y schal enhaunse thee; and Y schal blesse thi name in to the world, and in to the world of world. 2 Bi alle daies Y schal blesse thee; and Y schal herie thi name in to the world, and in to the world of the world. 3 The Lord is greet, and worthi to be preisid ful myche; and noon ende is of his greetnesse. 4 Generacioun and generacioun schal preise thi werkis; and thei schulen pronounse thi power. 5 Thei schulen speke `the greet doyng of the glorie of thin holynesse; and thei schulen telle thi merueils. 6 And thei schulen seye the vertu of thi ferdful thingis; and thei schulen telle thi greetnesse. 7 Thei schulen bringe forth the mynde of the abundaunce of thi swetnesse; and thei schulen telle with ful out ioiyng thi riytfulnesse. 8 The Lord is a merciful doere, and merciful in wille; paciente, and myche merciful. 9 The Lord is swete in alle thingis; and hise merciful doyngis ben on alle hise werkis. 10 Lord, alle thi werkis knouleche to thee; and thi seyntis blesse thee. 11 Thei schulen seie the glorie of thi rewme; and thei schulen speke thi power. 12 That thei make thi power knowun to the sones of men; and the glorie of the greetnesse of thi rewme. 13 Thi rewme is the rewme of alle worldis; and thi lordschipe is in al generacioun and in to generacioun. The Lord is feithful in alle hise wordis; and hooli in alle hise werkis. 14 The Lord liftith vp alle that fallen doun; and reisith alle men hurtlid doun. 15 Lord, the iyen of alle beestis hopen in thee; and thou yyuest the mete of hem in couenable tyme. 16 Thou openest thin hond; and thou fillist ech beeste with blessing. 17 The Lord is iust in alle hise weies; and hooli in alle hise werkis. 18 The Lord is niy to alle that inwardli clepen him; to alle that inwardli clepen him in treuthe. 19 He schal do the wille of hem, that dreden him, and he schal here the biseching of hem; and he schal make hem saaf. 20 The Lord kepith alle men louynge him; and he schal leese alle synners. 21 Mi mouth schal speke the heriyng of the Lord; and ech man blesse his hooli name in to the world, and in to the world of world.