Proverbs 20:1-6

Wycliffe(i) 1 Wiyn is a letcherouse thing and drunkenesse is ful of noise; who euere delitith in these, schal not be wijs. 2 As the roryng of a lioun, so and the drede of the kyng; he that territh hym to ire, synneth ayens his owne lijf. 3 It is onour to a man that departith hym silf fro stryuyngis; but fonned men ben medlid with dispisyngis. 4 A slow man nolde ere for coold; therfor he schal begge in somer, and me schal not yyue to hym. 5 As deep watir, so counsel is in the herte of a man; but a wijs man schal drawe it out. 6 Many men ben clepid merciful; but who schal fynde a feithful man?