Proverbs 20:1-6

  1 H3196 Wine H3887 is a mocker, H7941 strong drink H1993 is raging: H3605 and whoever H7686 is deceived H2449 thereby is not wise.
  2 H367 The fear H4428 of a king H5099 is as the roaring H3715 of a lion: H5674 whoever provokes H5674 him to anger H2398 sins H5315 against his own soul.
  3 H3519 It is an honor H376 for a man H7674 to cease H7379 from strife: H3605 but every H191 fool H1566 will be meddling.
  4 H6102 The sluggard H2790 will not plow H2779 by reason of the cold; H7592 therefore shall he beg H7105 in harvest, H369 and have nothing.
  5 H6098 Counsel H3820 in the heart H376 of man H6013 is like deep H4325 water; H376 but a man H8394 of understanding H1802 will draw it out.
  6 H7230 Most H120 men H7121 will proclaim H376 every H376 one H2617 his own goodness: H529 but a faithful H376 man H4310 who H4672 can find?