Proverbs 20:1-6

Bishops(i) 1 Wine maketh a man to be scornefull, & strong drinke causeth a man to be vnquiet: who so delighteth therin shall not be wyse 2 The feare of the king is as the roaring of a Lion, who so prouoketh hym vnto anger, offendeth against his owne soule 3 It is a mans honour to kepe him selfe from strife: but euery foole wyll be medling 4 A slouthfull body wyll not go to plow for colde of the winter: therefore shall he begge in sommer, and haue nothing 5 Counsayle in the heart of man is like deepe water: but a man of vnderstanding wyll drawe it out 6 Many there be that woulde be called good doers: but where shall one finde a faythfull man