Proverbs 20:1-6

Matthew(i) 1 Wine is a volupteous thynge, & dronckennes causeth sedicion: who so deliteth therin, shal neuer be wyse. 2 The kyng oughte to be feared as the roarynge of a Lyon, who so prouoketh hym vnto anger, offendeth agaynst hys owne soule. 3 It is a mans honour to kepe him selfe from stryfe, but they that haue pleasure in braulinge, are fooles euery one. 4 A slouthfull body will not go to plowe for colde, therefore shall he go a beggynge in Sommer, and haue nothynge. 5 Wyse counsayll in the herte of man is lyke a water in the depe of the earth, but he that hathe vnderstanding, bringeth it forth. 6 Many there be that are called good doers, but whereshal one fynde a true faythful man?