Isaiah 50:2-6

Matthew(i) 2 For why wolde no man receyue me, when I came and when I called, no man gaue me aunswere. Was my hande clene smyten of, that it might not helpe? or had I not power to delyuer? lo, at a worde I drincke vp the sea, and of water floudes I make drye lande: so that for want of water, the fysh corruppe and dye of thurst. 3 As for heauen, I clothe it wyth darcknesse, & put a sack vpon it. 4 The Lorde God hath geuen me a wel learned tunge, so that I can comforte them whiche are troubled, yea & that in due ceason. He waked myne eare vp by tymes in the mornynge (as the scolemasters do) that I myght herken. 5 The Lord God hath opened myne eare, therfore can I not saye naye, nor withdrawe my selfe, 6 but I offre my backe vnto the smyters, & my chekes to the uyppers. I turne not my face from shame & spyttynge,