Isaiah 50:2-6

CAB(i) 2 Why did I come, and there was no man? Why did I call, and there was none to hearken? Is not My hand strong to redeem? Or can I not deliver? Behold, by My rebuke I will dry up the sea, and make rivers a wilderness; and their fish shall be dried up because there is no water, and shall die of thirst. 3 I will clothe the sky with darkness, and will make its covering as sackcloth. 4 The Lord, even God, gives me the tongue of instruction, to know when it is fit to speak a word; He has appointed for me early, He has given me an ear to hear; 5 and the instruction of the Lord, even the Lord, opens my ears, and I do not disobey, nor dispute. 6 I gave my back to scourges, and my cheeks to blows; and I turned not away my face from the shame of spitting;