Isaiah 50:2-6

MSTC(i) 2 For why would no man receive me, when I came? And when I called, no man gave me answer. Was my hand clean smitten off, that it might not help? Or had I not power to deliver? Lo, at a word I drink up the sea, and of water floods I make dry land: so that for want of water, the fish corrupt and die of thirst. 3 As for heaven, I clothe it with darkness, and put as it were a sack upon it. 4 The LORD God hath given me a well learned tongue, so that I can comfort them which are troubled; yea, and that in due season. He waked mine ear up betimes in the morning, as schoolmasters do; that I might hark. 5 The LORD God hath opened mine ear; therefore can I not say nay, nor withdraw myself. 6 But I offer my back unto the smiters, and my cheeks to the nippers. I turn not my face from shame and spitting,