Isaiah 50:2-6

Bishops(i) 2 For why woulde no man receaue me when I came? and when I called, no man gaue me aunswere? Is my hande shortened that it myght not helpe? or haue I not power to deliuer? lo, at a worde I drynke vp the sea, & of water fluddes I make drye lande: so that for want of water the fishe corrupt and dye for thirste 3 As for heauen I clothe it with darknesse, and put as it were a sacke vpon it 4 The Lorde God hath geuen me a well learned tongue, so that I can comfort them that are troubled, yea & that in due season: he wakeneth mine eare vp betymes in the mornyng, betymes in the mornyng I say he wyll waken mine eare, that I might hearke as to the schoolemaisters 5 The Lorde God hath opened myne eare, and I haue not gaynesayde nor withdrawen my selfe 6 But I offred my backe vnto the smiters, and my cheekes to the nippers: I turned not my face from shame and spittinges