Isaiah 50:2-6

  2 H4069 Why, H935 when I came, H369 was there no H376 man? H7121 when I called, H369 was there none H6030 to answer? H3027 Is my hand H7114 shortened H3808 at all, that it cannot H6304 redeem? H369 or have I no H3581 power H5337 to deliver? H2005 behold, H1606 at my rebuke H2717 I dry H3220 up the sea, H7760 I make H5103 the rivers H4057 a wilderness: H1710 their fish H887 stinks, H369 because there is no H4325 water, H4191 and dies H6772 for thirst.
  3 H3847 I clothe H8064 the heavens H6940 with blackness, H7760 and I make H8242 sackcloth H3682 their covering.
  4 H136 The Lord H3069 GOD H5414 has given H3956 me the tongue H3928 of the learned, H3045 that I should know H5790 how to speak H1697 a word H3287 in season to him that is weary: H5782 he wakens H1242 morning H1242 by morning, H5782 he wakens H241 my ear H8085 to hear H3928 as the learned.
  5 H136 The Lord H3069 GOD H6605 has opened H241 my ear, H4784 and I was not rebellious, H3808 neither H5472 turned H268 away back.
  6 H5414 I gave H1458 my back H5221 to the smiters, H3895 and my cheeks H4803 to them that plucked H5641 off the hair: I hid H6440 not my face H3639 from shame H7536 and spitting.