Mark 14

JMNT(i) 1 Now the [Feasts, or, festivals, of] Passover and [of] the Unleavened Bread were two days off (or: after two days), and the chief (or: ranking) priests and scribes (scholars and theologians of the Law) were still seeking (or: continuing in trying to find) how they could kill Him off, [after] seizing [Him] in a trap using some kind of crafty device as bait. 2 You see, they kept on saying, "Not within the Feast (or: festival; may = in the presence of the festival crowd), lest at any time there will proceed being an uproar of the people (or: a riot from the people)." 3 And during His being in Bethany at the house of Simon the leper, while His lying down [at a meal] was continuing on, a woman came with (having and continuing in holding) an alabaster [case, or, vase] of perfumed ointment which was a pure and unadulterated extract from the roots of the spikenard plant [note: native to India; may = lavender] – very expensive. Upon crushing the alabaster [vase; case], she poured [its contents] down upon His head. 4 But there were some people being increasingly annoyed, to themselves (or: Now certain folks continued expressing resentment and pained displeasure among themselves) and kept on saying, "Why (or: Into what [purpose]) has this loss and destruction of the perfumed ointment taken place? 5 "Because it was being possible for this perfumed ointment to be sold for over three hundred denarii (more than a year's wages)... and to be given to the destitute (poor folks)!" And so they began, as it were, inwardly snorting (perhaps: snarling) and proceeded turning their fury and fretted agitation on her. 6 But Jesus said, "You men let her alone and let her flow [with this] (or: Leave her)! Why do you continue presenting her with [verbal] beatings? She performs a beautiful deed on Me (or: She works a fine and ideal work within Me). 7 "You see, you folks always continue having the destitute (poor folks) with yourselves, and whenever you may be in the habit of purposing (wanting; intending) [it], you continue able at all times (or: always) to do well for (to; with) them. Yet you folks do not continue always having Me. 8 "What she possesses, she performs (or: What she had, she used). She undertakes, beforehand, to anoint My body with aromatic ointment, [leading] into a preparation of [My] corpse for burial. 9 "Now truly I am saying to you folks, Wherever the good news (the message of ease and well-being) may be publicly proclaimed – [even] into the whole ordered system (world; realm of the secular and the religious) – this also which this woman does (or: performed) will continue being spoken [leading] into a memorial of her (or: a means of remembering her)." 10 Later, Judah (Judas) Iscariot – one of the twelve – went off to the chief (or: ranking) priests, to the end that he could (or: should) give Him over to them. 11 Now the men hearing [this] rejoiced (were delighted) and promised to give him silver (= coins). So he kept on seeking how he could conveniently give Him over. 12 Now on the first day of the [Feast; festival] of Unleavened Bread (= in the first day for eating "matzah"), when they were by custom sacrificing the passover [animal], His disciples proceed asking Him, "Where are You now intending (wanting; willing) [that] we – upon going off – will make [things] ready and prepare so that You can eat the passover?" 13 So He gives two of His disciples a mission and sends them off, and proceeds saying to them, "Be progressively off under [these instructions] into the city, and a person (a human) progressively carrying a small earthenware vessel (jar; pitcher) of water will be encountering (or: proceed meeting) you. Follow after him, 14 "And wherever he might enter, say to the householder (master or head of the house; = owner) that the Teacher now says, 'Where is My guest-room where I can (or: may; would) eat the passover with My disciples?' 15 "Then he, himself, will proceed pointing out and showing you [two] a large room upstairs (or: an upper room) ready with furnishings spread, and there you make the necessary preparations for us." 16 So the disciples went out and came into the city and found [everything] just as He said to them, and they prepared the passover. 17 Later, with the arriving of evening, He proceeds coming with the twelve. 18 Then, at their continued lying back (reclining) and while still eating, Jesus said, "Truly (or: Count on it), I am now saying to you men that one [person] from out of you (or: from your [group]) – the person presently eating with Me – will proceed giving Me over (= handing Me over; turning Me in)." 19 They at once began to be pained, grieved, made sad and distressed, then to be one after another saying to Him, "Surely not I!" [other MSS: “It is not I, is it, Rabbi?" and another, "Surely not I!"] 20 Yet, giving a decided reply, He said to them, "[It is] one of the twelve – the person repeatedly dipping [a morsel] into the common bowl with Me (or: presently dipping [the bitter herbs; Concordant Text: {his} hand] into the same [literally: the one] deep dish simultaneously with Me [or: after Mine]), 21 "because, [you see], the Son of the Man (the son of the human; the Human Being) is indeed progressively leading the way under (or: is now going away), just as (or: accordingly as) it has been written about (or: concerning) Him, yet [there is] disaster (woe; calamity; or: Alas!) to (for; in) that person (human; man) through whom the Son of the Man is being progressively given over! It was being beautiful in and ideal for Him – if that person (human) had not been given birth (or: were not born)!" 22 And during their continued eating, Jesus, taking a loaf of bread [and] saying a good word (or: expressing the goodness, ease and wellbeing of the Word; or: speaking a blessing), breaks [it] and gives [it] to them, then said, "You men take (or: grasp) this. It is My body." (or: "Get hold of and receive [it]. This is My body.") 23 Then, taking a cup – while speaking of the goodness and wellbeing of grace, and expressing gratitude [for it] – He gave [it] to them and all the men drank from out of it. 24 Then He said to them, "This is the blood – pertaining to My arrangement (My covenant; or: My will; [with other MSS: This is My blood which is the source of the New Covenant]) – the [blood] being now progressively poured, scattered and diffused out over many [folks; peoples]. 25 "Truly, I am now laying out my thoughts and saying to you that no longer, under any circumstances, can I (may I; would I; should I) drink from out of the product of the grapevine – until that day, whenever I can drink it (or: constantly drink it) new in quality and kind, within God's reign as King (or: in the midst of the kingdom of God; = the realm of God's activities, influence and way of doing things)." 26 And after singing a hymn (perhaps = singing the Hallel; or: chanting a psalm), they went out into the Mountain (or: Mount) of Olives. 27 Then Jesus is laying out His thoughts and saying to them, "All you men will proceed being ensnared by the bait and caught in the trap, and thus stumble in your walk [other MSS add: in union with Me, in the midst of this night], because it has been written, 'I will proceed to strike (smite; hit) the shepherd, and the sheep will continue being thoroughly scattered and dispersed throughout.' [Zech. 13:7] 28 "But nonetheless, after the [situation/arrangement/accomplishment for] Me to be aroused and raised up, I will proceed going ahead of you folks into Galilee." 29 Yet Peter affirms to Him, "Even if everyone [else] will proceed being ensnared and caught or made to stumble, still – nevertheless – I myself [will] not!" 30 So Jesus then says to him, "Truly, I am now saying to you that today – in this night, before a rooster (cock) crows twice – you, yourself, from a stance of refusal will proceed utterly denying, disowning and renouncing Me, three times." 31 Yet Peter kept on speaking from excessive insistence, "More certainly, rather, if ever it may progress to where it is necessary to die for or with You, under no circumstances will I be utterly denying or renouncing You!" Now everyone began saying similarly, as well. 32 They later continued going into a small designated spot (or: landed property; estate; freehold), the name of which [is] Gethsemane, and He is then saying to His disciples, "Sit down here while I may be praying (or: until I can speak [to God] with a view toward having things be well)." 33 Then He proceeded in taking Peter, Jacob (James) and John aside (or: along) with Him and He began to be increasingly affected from out of a stunning sense of extreme awe and terrifying astonishment, and to be progressively depressed and sorely troubled with distress. 34 And so He then is saying to them, "My soul is encompassed with pain, grief and exceeding sorrow – to the point of death! Remain here and continue alert and watchful." 35 Then going forward a little distance, He was repeatedly falling upon the ground, and kept on praying with a view toward having things go well – to the end that, if it exists being possible, The Hour might pass away from Him. 36 And He went on to say, "Abba (= Dad; Papa) – O Father – all things [are] possible for (to; with; in) You; carry this cup away from Me! But to the contrary (or: Nevertheless) not what I Myself am now wanting (or: continue wishing; am repeatedly willing), but rather and further, what You [are; want; will]!" 37 Later He proceeds coming and is then finding them down continuing fast asleep, so He then says to Peter, "Simon, are you continuing down fast asleep? Do you not have strength to continue staying alert and watchful [for] one hour? 38 "You men be constantly alert and watchful, and continue praying with a view toward having things go well – to the end that you folks will not continue coming (or: going) into a test (or: a trial; an ordeal). Indeed, the spirit (the Breath-effect; or: the attitude) [is] eager (rushing ahead with passion), yet the flesh (= the estranged human nature; the alienated self; the person who has been molded and dominated by the System) [is] weak (without strength and powerless; feeble and infirm)." 39 And then again, going off, He prayed, saying the very same word (thought; idea; expression). 40 Then, coming again, He found them down continuing fast asleep, for their eyes continued in being weighed down. And they did not know what reasoned response to give to Him. 41 And He repeats His coming, the third [time], and so is saying to them, "Are you men continuing in being down sleeping and resting up [for] the rest (or: the remainder) [of the night]? It [i.e., the morning] continues holding off (= it remains distant; perhaps: = the night is dragging on; from commercial usage of the phrase: He now has full payment from [them])... The hour comes (or: came). Look, and consider (See, and understand), the Son of the Man (the human son) is being progressively given over into the hand of the sinners (of the ones failing to hit the target; of the folks missing the point; of those failing and making mistakes). 42 "Now be wakened and aroused, and proceed to get up! We should lead the way, let us go! Look! The man handing Me over has approached and is now near." 43 Then, all of a sudden, while He was still speaking, Judah (Judas) Iscariot – one of the twelve – is presently coming to be at His side, and with him [there is] a crowd with swords and wooden weapons [i.e., clubs or staffs], [sent] from the chief priests, the scribes (scholars; theologians; professional Torah teachers) and the elders [i.e., sent from a committee of the Sanhedrin]. 44 Now the man handing Him over had given to them a prearranged (or: agreed-upon) signal, saying, "Whomever I should kiss (show the outward expression of a greeting as a friend), He it is. At once seize Him with a strong hold and proceed securely leading [Him] away." 45 So upon coming, immediately approaching Him he is saying, "Rabbi!" Then he affectionately kissed (or: = gave a prolonged kiss to) Him. 46 Now those men thrust their hands upon Him and strongly seized Him. 47 However, a certain one of those that had been standing by (i.e., beside [Him]), upon drawing [his] sword, struck the slave of the chief priest and cuts away a little [portion of] his ear [other MSS read: took off his ear]. 48 And yet Jesus, giving a decided response, said to them, "Do you men come out with swords and wooden weapons as upon a bandit (highwayman; robber; or: a rebel; an insurrectionist) to arrest and apprehend Me? 49 "Day after day I was there facing you folks within the temple courts and grounds, repeatedly teaching – and you did not seize Me. Nevertheless, so that the Scriptures can (or: may; would) be fulfilled..." 50 And then, abandoning (deserting) Him, they (= His disciples) all fled. 51 Now a certain young man, having thrown (or: loosely wrapped) a fine linen sheet around [his] naked body, had been following-on together with Him and they kept on trying to grab a strong hold of him, so as to seize him. 52 But he, leaving the fine linen sheet behind to drop down (or, perhaps: in their hands), fled naked. 53 And they [i.e., the armed crowd] led Jesus off toward the chief priest. Then all the chief (or: ranking) priests – as well as the elders and the scribes (scholars) – one by one proceeded in assembling together. 54 Now Peter followed Him at a distance, until [having come] inside as far as [entering] into the uncovered courtyard of the chief priest, so he was continuing on there, sitting down together with the house attendants (the [chief priest's] subordinates) and continuing warming himself, facing toward the [fire; house] light. 55 Meanwhile the chief priests and the whole Sanhedrin (the ruling council) – looking for evidence against Jesus in order to issue a death sentence [on] Him – kept on trying to find a witness [to bring testimony or evidence] corresponding to and down on (= against) Jesus, but they were not finding [any]. 56 You see, many kept on giving false testimonies (or: evidence) down on (or: against) Him, and yet the stories (testimonies) were not being consistent (alike; equal; = in agreement). 57 Further, certain folks standing up one after another were telling false stories in relation to, but down against, Him, in turn saying, 58 "We, ourselves, heard Him saying, 'I myself will proceed loosing-down and destroying this hand-made temple sanctuary (the inner shrine), and through the midst of (or: during) three days I will proceed building (constructing) another house not made with hands.'" 59 And yet neither, in this way, was their testimony (or: story) consistent (= in agreement). 60 Then, rising up into the midst [of the group] and taking a stand, the chief priest questioned Jesus, going on to say, "Are you continuing to give a definite response to nothing (or: to not make a decided response to anything)? What (or: Why) are these folks repeatedly testifying down against you?" 61 Yet He continued silent and from considered decision did not respond anything. Again, the chief priest continued inquiring of Him and proceeds saying to Him, "Are you the Christ (the Anointed One; = the Messiah), the son of the Blessed One?" 62 Now Jesus said, "I am (or: I, Myself, am [He]) [some later MSS and quotes by Origen, read: You are saying that I am])! And furthermore, you men will proceed seeing the Son of the Man (the human's son; the Human Being) by habit (or: continue) sitting at (or: forth from the midst of) [the] right [hand; section] of the Power, and progressively (or: repeatedly; as by habit) coming (or: coming and going) with the clouds of the atmosphere (or: the sky; the heaven)." [Dan. 7:13; Ps. 110:1] 63 But at this the chief priest, ripping and tearing his inner garments (tunics; clothes), is then saying, "What need of witness or evidence do we still continue having? 64 " [other MSS add: Look!] You men hear (or: heard) the blasphemy (the abusive talk [before God]; this villainous speech; the harm-avering hindering of light; the injurious slander)! How is it now appearing to you folks (or: What continues evident to you; = What do you think of this)?" So they all made a decision down against Him (or: corresponding to pattern evaluated and condemned Him) to be held fast within (under the control of; thus = liable to or deserving of) death. 65 Then some started to repeatedly spit on Him and then proceeded to put a covering around His face [so as to blindfold Him]. Next they continued to repeatedly beat Him with their fists all the while saying to Him, "Prophesy!" And [with] slaps (or: blows with a rod), the subordinates (deputies; court guards) took Him. 66 Now during Peter's being below within the courtyard, one of the servant girls (or: maids) of the chief priest is then coming, 67 and, seeing Peter continuing to warm himself, while looking straight at him is saying, "You, too, were with Jesus the Nazarene!" 68 Yet he denies (disowned; renounced) [it], by saying, "I have neither seen nor do I know [Him] – nor do I even understand now what you yourself are presently saying! (or: I neither know nor understand what you are saying {= meaning}; or: I neither know nor am acquainted with him. What do you mean?)" So he went forth outside into the forecourt (vestibule; entrance way). And then a rooster (cock) crows! 69 But then the servant girl (maid), seeing him [there], started to go on saying again to those that had been standing by, "This fellow is one from their group (= one of them)!" 70 Yet he again began denying and continued renouncing [it]. Then, after a little [while; time], those that had been standing by again began saying to Peter, "You really (certainly; truly) are one from their group, for you are a Galilean, also [other MSS add: and your speech is alike]!" 71 Now he started to be repeatedly speaking as though making an offering (or: cursing; anathematizing) and to continue swearing with an oath, "I have not seen nor do I know the person (the man; the human) of whom you folks continue speaking!" 72 And immediately a rooster (cock) crowed a second [time], and Peter recalled the effect which flowed from the saying (gush-effect in the declaration), just as Jesus said to him, "Before a rooster is to crow twice, you will deny and disown Me three times." Then, casting [his thoughts and attention] upon [this], he began weeping (or: on setting [himself] on [the situation] he continued in lamenting, wailing and shedding tears; may = he broke down and cried; or: And then, throwing [himself] upon [the ground], he was crying).