Acts 4:25-28

JMNT(i) 25 "the One saying – through means of [the] Holy Spirit (or: a set-apart breath-effect and a separated attitude) – from our father (= ancestor) David's mouth, 'To what end or purpose did (or: do) the ethnic multitudes (or: nations) snort, neigh and stomp around [as a high-spirited horse] (or: behave arrogantly or with insolent and haughty airs) and peoples show care for and take interest in empty things (or: concern themselves over meaningless [activities]; or: mumble empty [phrases]; or: practice useless [rituals]; or: meditate on, give careful thought and attention to and then devise futile [schemes] or hollow [projects])? 26 'The kings of the land (or: earth) took a stand (or: stood by; i.e.: placed themselves alongside to be at folks disposal), and the rulers (or: the leaders; the officials) were gathered together at the same [place] (or: = joined forces upon the same [purpose and intent]; or, perhaps: = as one) – down against the Lord [= Yahweh] and down against His Anointed One (or: the Christ which originated in Him).' [Ps. 2:1-2] 27 "For in truth (actuality; reality) both Herod and Pontius Pilate, together with ethnic multitudes and [the] People of Israel – [coming] upon (= against) Your set-apart Servant (or: holy Boy) Jesus, Whom You anointed – were gathered together (thus: were made to join forces) in this city 28 "to do whatever (or: as many things as) Your hand and Your counsel (purpose; plan; intent; design) previously marked out the bounds for and limited beforehand to be happening (to come to be; to occur).